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When you've had enough of living in the stress and chaos of the Big Apple, Vernon in New Jersey could well be a place you'd consider moving to. Vernon is only twenty miles north-west of New York over the Hudson River, but has the look and atmosphere of being in a completely different world - or another country at least. Vernon covers around three square miles of territory with quiet streets of lawn-fronted houses, spacious parks with stone bridges and a thirteen acre urban lake. It's a place that could quite easily have been transported intact from the verdant English countryside, but it wasn’t. In fact, it was founded by a group of settlers from Newark, just a few miles away, at the beginning of the 18th century. It took a while for pizza to find its way from New York to Verona, but when it did, just like the Italians who took it with them, pies were there to stay. In fact Verona loves pizza so much the city now holds a week-long Pizza Fest every year.

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The best pizza in Verona: a local guide

The type of pizza developed forty-plus years ago in the Big Apple, the New York-style pizza, is the one Verona has become known for although it's not the only kind you'll find on offer there. Back in the day, it was just a short migration for folks, and the thin crust pie, to get to Verona and as soon as they began to serve it, it became a popular go-to food. While New York-style pizza is an Americanized version of an authentic Italian pizza, there is still something completely irresistible about the large, floppy triangular-shaped slices smothered with tomato sauce and melted cheese. You'll find the pizza chefs in Verona are not rigid about making round pies either, so if you like square better, you'll be able to get one easily enough. Whichever shape you have, when you grab a slice, fold it up, and take a bite, you may well feel like bursting into operatic song, it's that good. Though if at all avoidable, it's better not to sing your pizza’s praises when you've got a mouthful.

Best delivery pizza in Verona, New Jersey

When you've decided on pie for your lunch or dinner, you want one that upholds your expectations. New York-style isn't always the best type to choose as the thin base can start to go even softer than normal if it begins to cool in transit. To get the very best delivery pizza in Verona, try one from Borino's on Bloomfield Avenue and you'll be totally satisfied with all connotations of the word. Borino's premises may only have a small frontage, but inside it's spacious, with the air of a modern trattoria that wouldn't be out of place on the Amalfi coast. Although you won't see it if you're getting your pizza delivered, the open-plan kitchen is a great guarantee the chefs aren't hiding anything from their customers when they're prepping pies. Borini's menu favors the more traditional style of pizza and they'll even do a grandma cut on a round pie. They're flexible with toppings too so whatever combo takes your fancy, it's yours.

Best takeout pizza in Verona, New Jersey

To get a pie that lives up to what you're dreaming about eating, you'll want the best take-out pizza in Verona. Stop by Famous Ray's Pizza of New York on Pompton Avenue and that's exactly what they'll serve you. Famous Ray's pizzeria is housed in a premises at the front of a small mall. There's plenty of parking spaces nearby so you won't have far to walk after you've pulled in off the road. If the sun's shining and you don't want to wait inside for your pie, they have a super terrace where you can sit to catch some rays. Take a look inside Famous Ray's kitchen while you're ordering and you'll see they're more than ready to deal with any rush, day or night, that's likely to occur. Fresh ingredients, chopped, grated and close to hand, dough resting on the marble counter and boxes piled high all ready to go. They won't keep you waiting long for your slice of pie in Ray's.

Best pizza near Verona, New Jersey


Paterson is a city ten miles north of Verona that has both interesting historic districts and some amazing natural features to explore. The Passaic River runs through Paterson and is the swift-flowing waterway that powered the mills where silk was produced. The Paterson Great Falls, a series of cascades over seventy feet high and a national natural landmark, are also located on the Paterson section of the river. For a pizza in Paterson that’s just as awe-inspiring as the falls drop in at Marcello's on 22nd Avenue.


Hanover is a pretty nondescript township about fifteen miles west of Verona you'd probably skip visiting unless you'd been hiking or were camped out in the nearby Troy Meadows Wetlands. The wetlands are three thousand acres of forested marshes teeming with wildlife where city dwellers can camp and hike to their heart’s content. If the wood for your campfire gets too damp to ignite, then head over to Hanover for a pie from Johnny's Pizzeria on Parsippany Road.

West Orange

One of the best reasons for going to West Orange is to visit the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Once the functioning laboratories of the genius inventor, the park is now a museum dedicated to preserving them and the things that were created there. After being wowed by the exhibitions drop in at Frank's Pizza on Prospect Avenue to refuel and see if you can come up with any world-changing bright ideas of your own.

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