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What is now Baldwin used to be the home of the Merrick people of the Lenape tribe of Native Americans who were farmers and fishermen. When English colonists arrived in the mid-1600s, they called the area Hick’s Neck and took on agricultural and fishing activities in addition to raising longwood and marshing. The most significant economic growth, however, came from agriculture, so that by the early 1800s, structures like churches and schools were already being built in the community. Baldwin underwent a series of name changes, going from Hick’s Neck to Milburn, Baldwinsville (after Thomas Baldwin) before being finally named Baldwin. Further development was prompted by the operation of the South Side Rail Road into Baldwin in the mid-1800s and you can tell that it was a turning point for immigration into the area. Today, the neighborhood has a thriving Italian community that has infused the love of pizza into all and sundry here.

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Baldwin is known for Neapolitan pizza

The New York neighborhood of Baldwin is an authentic Italian community when it comes to the pizza they love and are known for. It is common knowledge that New York pizza was derived from Neapolitan pizza, and almost immediately, New York-style pizza gained ground and acceptance, spreading across the country fast. For that reason, it may be quite difficult to find localities where Neapolitan is the fancied pie. Well, Baldwin is one of those. So great is their love for authentic Italian pie that the second most common style of pie in this New York community is Sicilian pizza, and not New York pizza. What this means is that what you’ll find across the pizzerias in the locality are authentic Neapolitan pies made with original and fresh ingredients – the dough, mozzarella cheese, raw tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh basil. There are no fancy toppings on the thin-crust pie, unless you specially request them, because it’s a culinary delight in its simplicity.

Best Delivery Pizza in Baldwin

The residents of Baldwin have been enjoying premium pizza delivery service since 2006 and that’s for no other reason than the fact that’s when Gino’s Pizza opened up their doors in the community. Ever since, this pizzeria on Atlantic Avenue has been the top choice for anyone in and around Baldwin that wants to eat their pizza without moving a muscle. At Gino’s, the priorities are excellence, authenticity, use of fresh ingredients, cleanliness and aesthetics, and all of these come together in the pies they make, so that you’ll be able to tell from the moment your pizza lands that it’s not only a work of art but also a satisfier of cravings. There are lots of pies to choose from when you want to place an order, and you might as well create your own too – it’s totally up to you. Go ahead and place an order on Slice right away.

Best Takeout Pizza in Baldwin

A common theme among folks in Baldwin that enjoy takeout pizza is a strong preference for Franco's - Allegro Italian & Mexican Food on Brooklyn Avenue. If you ask them, the first thing they’ll tell you is that it’s because they’ve never been disappointed by Allegro’s pizzeria. The pizza place just never disappoints! Their takeout pie always hits the spot, the restaurant is beautifully set and furnished, the pie options are abundant, they serve the pies fresh and hot, and are intentional about catering to the desires/needs of everyone that walks through their doors for pickup. Why wouldn’t it be the best takeout pizza joint in the city? You can bet that every pie you pick up here will leave you planning your next visit because that’s how much they invest into making premium takeout pie for everyone in the community. Place an order on Slice now and make your way to the restaurant for pickup.

Best Pizza Near Baldwin

Valley Stream

Head four miles west of Baldwin to the village of Valley Stream that used to be the home of Rockaway Indians up until the Dutch arrived in 1640. What used to be a farming and hunting community back in the day is now a wonderful place for refreshing getaways and relaxation. Visit any of the parks in the village – Valley Stream Park, Kay Everson Park, or A. J. Hendrickson Park – to find an activity you love, and thereafter regroup at John Anthony’s of Valley Stream for pure-class Neapolitan pizza.

Garden City

Garden City is north of Baldwin and has the reputation of being one of the earliest planned villages in the nation. It features well-structured homes and vegetation, as well as various attractions such as the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island Children's Museum, Jones Beach State Park, and Belmont Race Track. You wouldn’t want to miss the Sicilian, Grandma, and cheese pizzas that Enzo’s Pizzeria Restaurant’s pizzaiolos make though, so make sure a trip to New Hyde Park Road is in your itinerary.


Amityville was an attractive site for farmers in Huntington as far back as the mid-1600s because of the abundant salt hay in the area when it was still known as Huntington Southwest Neck. Today, the village features lots of green spaces that invite nature lovers and observers for refreshing sightseeing opportunities. Moreover, you could spend some time at Peterkin Park or James A. Caples Memorial Park before you pick up delish pizza at Raimo's Brick Oven Pizzeria & Trattoria of Amityville.


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