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It's difficult to deduce why the first Dutch and British colonists decided to settle in the rural area where Port Jervis is located. In the late 17th century they chose a spot where the Delaware and Neversink rivers met to set up a home surrounded by densely forested terrains. They called it Mahackamack and that's the name it kept until the mid-19th century when it was renamed after the engineer responsible for the building of the Delaware and Hudson Canal. Although the town was on the confluence of the two rivers, it was the canal that brought growth and prosperity to Port Jervis. It became an important stop-off point on the transportation route between Pennsylvania and New York for coal and other goods. The settlement's importance increased even more when the installation of the Piermont to Lake Erie rail track was completed. The continuous expansion of Port Jervis and its economic prosperity made it the perfect place to open restaurants. A few Italians relocated to Port Jervis with one idea in mind – to open pizzerias, and that's exactly what they did.

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Port Jervis in New York is known for thin crust pizza

Port Jervis is not just known for its thin-crust pizzas, it's renowned for them. That's an unusual fact, but that means whatever thin crust pizza you get in Port Jervis is going to be amazing. While most of the Port Jervis pizzerias only offer regular thin crust, you will find a couple of pizzerias that also have Neapolitan-style and gourmet pies on their menus. It's not hard to elevate this basic, but great traditional Italian pizza to gourmet level when the dough base of a thin crust pizza is made properly. Even though the base is thin, it holds heavy loads of toppings well and the extra bonus is, the flavor of the added ingredients doesn't get overwhelmed by the taste of the dough. Unlike the soft wads of a New York-style pizza, thin-crust crisps up when cooked so is a lovely crunchy bite with lots of texture.

Best delivery pizza in Port Jervis, New York

You'll know as soon as you open the box that's arrived from Bella Notte Pizza that you struck lucky and got the best delivery pizza in Port Jervis. It'll be a pizza that looks and smells absolutely fantastic because you ordered your pie from professional pizza makers who really care about the food they send out. Bella Notte Pizza has a white clapboard-built premises on the US-29 which has a homely country-style interior. From this same location, Bella Notte has been sending out their best work in the kitchen for fifty years. That's a lot of pizza-making experience and a lot of pies. The quality never falters here though, so whichever one of their pizzas you order, be it an Italian Supreme, a Chicken Parmigiana, or a Lasagna pizza, it'll always be totally top-notch.

Best takeout pizza in Port Jervis, New York

When you need to get a take-out pizza it's understandable you're hoping it'll be the best take-out pizza in Port Jervis. To make sure it is, go to a pizzeria called A Taste of Sicily. This pizzeria is over on Front Street and occupies a kerbside premises where you can park up and sit in your car while they bake your pie, then bring it to you. Do that and you'll miss getting to see the interior of the pizzeria which has a great, home-from-home feel to it. It's nothing flashy, but it is welcoming and they have some pretty decent paintings of Sicily hanging on the walls. When you're handed your pie, you'll begin to understand why A Taste of Sicily is a pizzeria with 5-star reviews. You really couldn't have made a better choice of restaurant to get your take-out pizza from.

Best pizza near Port Jervis, New York


Follow the course of the Delaware River in a southwesterly direction for around ten miles and you'll find you've crossed the state border with New Jersey and will be approaching the township of Montague. Montague is bordered by the High Point State Park to the west where, if you're energetic enough you can hike up the one thousand eight hundred foot tall High Point peak to see not only the incredible views of New Jersey but the Veterans' Memorial too. If you're not averse to crossing over the Delaware River and heading into Pennsylvania, you'll be able to see the Raymondskill Falls or visit the Grey Towers National Historic Site. You can pick up a pizza from Candy's Pizza and Restaurant on the US-206.


When you have no particular destination in mind and just want to go on a scenic drive, program Barryville into your navigational app. Barryville is a rural hamlet around twenty miles northwest of Port Jervis. To get there you'll need to drive along the US-97 or the I-84. Both are scenic routes but with different things to offer. Take the first and you won't want to miss stopping at the Hawk's Nest which is a pull-in point with amazing views. Take the I-84 and you'll be blessed with views of the Twin Lakes. The best thing to do is go on one road and come back on the other – after you've stopped for a pizza at Il Castello on the NY-97.


If you're a secret speed machine and someone who likes to leave tire marks on tarmac, head for Cuddebackville. Cuddebackville is about a ten-mile drive northeast of Port Jervis and where you'll find the OVRP- Oakland Valley Race Park. Get kitted out and take your turn behind the wheel of a go-kart or just sit in the stands and watch others whizz around the track. It's fun, but noisy so if you want a quieter time, pick up a pizza from Louie's Pizza on Route 209 and have a picnic by the water in the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area.


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