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Canton, OH is an area known for loving pizza. If you live there, you have plenty of different options available to experience. The most popular styles include the Chicago and the New York slice. However, you’ll find plenty of places that serve the Chicago deep dish.

Many locals here love the area for its various stores, restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias. However, there are so many different choices, you may have trouble choosing. Instead, make sure to use Slice! We have connections to all of the best pizzerias in Canton, OH. Our customers appreciate how easy we make it for them to order their favorites.

In short, Canton is a wonderful place to live. You’ll want to make sure you try all of the locals’ favorites! There are several delicious pizzas for you to eat. If you continue reading, you’ll learn about all of the best places that we recommend. There are many hidden gems in this article. Let’s begin!

The best pizza in Canton: a local guide

Chicago pizzas are prepared in a deep dish. The dough is pressed into the pan, allowing it to develop a crispy outer texture on the dough, but a soft, pillowy inside. The crust is a lot thicker than what you get with a New York slice.

Most of the difference comes from the topping order. With a Chicago deep dish, you get the following layers on your pizza: crust, cheese, toppings (vegetables, pepperoni, etc.), tomato sauce. This layer order allows the crust to hold a ton of sauce, without getting soggy. Plus, the crust is denser and able to hold more toppings without giving out.

With this pizza style, you get a ton of sauce. The sauce is usually at least one inch thick, with plenty of toppings. There also may be a light dusting of cheese on the top layer. With this style, it feels more like you’re eating a casserole than a slice of pizza- making it a good dish to eat with a fork.

Best Delivery Pizza in Canton

If you’re hungry in Canton, OH, you’ll want to make sure you get the fastest delivery around. We recommend that you use the link below to order from Italo’s Pizza Shop. Many locals feel that this place offers some of the best pizzas around. Plus, the staff are prompt with preparing your meals to perfection, allowing you to enjoy it as soon as possible.

You also receive plenty of toppings on your pie. Locals also say the place is very consistent with offering high-quality pizzas. They have a great-tasting sauce, cheese, and crust. Plus, there’s a variety of menu items for you to browse through. Customers also recommend that you try their fried chicken. It’s always crispy and delicious.

Finally, the staff always make sure to use fresh ingredients. You’re sure to receive crispy vegetables and delicious meats on your pie. Overall, it’s well worth ordering from this pizzeria! We’re confident that you’ll receive your meal in no time at all.

Best Takeout Pizza in Canton

Maybe you’re already out of the house and would like to have some takeout pizza instead. In those cases, you’ll want to make sure you order from Happy’s Pizza. This location provides the best takeout pizza around- their service is fast, their pies are delicious, and you get a great value with the prices.

They’re also open very late into the night, making this place the perfect option for getting a late-night snack. They’re also available every day of the week. Many customers also mentioned that the staff were very kind and prompt in their online reviews. We’re confident that you’ll have the same experiences when you order from them.

The location also services some of the best garlic bread and wings around. You can also choose fries for your sides, among many other dishes. Overall, you’re sure to find something on their menu that you love. There’s a lot to choose from.

Best Pizza Near Canton


If you’re in the city, you’ll want to make sure you try out Luigi’s Restaurant there. The pizzeria has a wide variety of Italian meals for you to enjoy. These include plenty of salads, fried food, pastas, and pizzas. They are well known for having amazing sauce and a great atmosphere.


We recommend that you visit Angelo’s. The location’s been serving pizzas for about 40 years, giving them the experience and know-how to prepare some of the best pies in town. You’ll want to make sure you eat there at least once!


If you’re crossing over to PA, make sure that you check out the Proper Brick Oven and Tap Room. They have stunning pies there, which you can watch cook in their traditional pizza oven. If you love wood-fired pizza, you’re sure to love the ones they prepare. Overall, customers love this location for its atmosphere and attentive service.

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