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The best pizza in Dublin: a local guide

With a name like Dublin, you might expect that the first settlers to occupy the terrain where this Ohio city is today were Irish, but that isn't so. The land where Dublin was founded was awarded to a retired American soldier for his services during the Revolutionary War. He later sold tracts of the land to two pioneers from Pennsylvania who had plans to build a town there. They employed an Irish surveyor who eventually named the new settlement after his birthplace. By the early 19th century Dublin boasted a few mills and a general store. That was more or less how it remained for the next hundred and fifty years until the construction of a highway, Interstate 270, in the 1970s. The convenience of the new road connection with Columbus soon turned Dublin into a rapidly growing bedroom community whose population multiplied ten-fold in the decades between the 1980s and the year 2000. That was the ideal era to open a restaurant. After the first Italian had opened a pizzeria in Dublin, they were soon followed by several more and pizza became a permanent fixture on Dublin's food scene.

Dublin in Ohio is known for thick crust pizza

While the pizzerias in Dublin didn't begin serving pizzas to the city's residents until well into the 21st century, they didn't follow the trend of the time by baking New York-style pizza. Instead, they stuck to their heritage and baked the most popular pizza from their ancestor's homeland, and so Dublin is known for thick crust pizza. Thick crust pizza is in its most basic form simplicity itself and consists of nothing more than a proven dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. They're three things though that when combined together and baked form one of the tastiest bread-based foods in existence. It's no wonder Italians have been eating it for hundreds of years or that its popularity has spread around the globe.

Best delivery pizza in Dublin, Ohio

If you call your pie order into Jet's Pizza then what you'll get is the best delivery pizza in Dublin. Jet's Pizza has two pizzerias in Dublin. One is on Hard Road and the other on Woerner Temple Road, so make sure you call the one that is nearest to you to ensure a speedy delivery. Jet's Pizzas are a chain pizzeria that focuses on producing quality pies and providing a great delivery service. It's something their first-class business reputation has been built on. From Jet's, you can order both Detroit-style tray-bakes and regular round thick crust pizzas. If you're a wedge fan be prepared to go square as that's how all of Jet's pizza are cut. They're crustless too so you'll have nothing left to rattle around in the delivery box after you've finished eating and are throwing it in the trash.

Best takeout pizza in Dublin, Ohio

If you're visiting Dublin on a business trip and are staying in any of the hotels near where the I-270 circumvents the town, you may well need to pick up a take-out pizza for dinner. Fortunately, you can pick up the best take-out pizza in Dublin nearby on Tuttle Crossing Boulevard from a pizzeria called Luna Pizza Kitchen. Luna Pizza Kitchen is a family-run Dublin pizzeria that's been operating since 2014. The pizzeria is housed in a medium-sized premises with basic no-fuss-or-frills furnishings inside that have a modern appeal. The pizzas from Luna Pizza Kitchen are made the traditional way with all fresh ingredients that combine to create super pizzas like their Dolce, Harvest Moon, and Luna Garden.

Best pizza near Dublin, Ohio


Africa - the Ohio township, not the continent - is around a twenty-minute drive northeast from Dublin. While Africa itself doesn't have much to offer a visitor, it is bordered by both the Alum Creek State Park and the Char Mar Ridge Park. If you're into boating, canoeing, fishing, or lazing on the sand by the waterside then the first park is the best option as it contains Alum Creek Lake where there are boat ramps and a swim beach as well as ten miles of hiking trails. If you prefer hiking through woodlands while bird spotting then the Char Mar Ridge Park will be better suited. You'll find the closest pizzeria is Sandman Gourmet Pizza on Polaris Parkway.


To have a fun family day out away from Dublin you don't need to go any further than the seventeen miles south to Columbus. If the kids love animals then a visit to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a must-do. If they're the curious types, a couple of hours in the Center of Science and Industry where there's a planetarium will have them fascinated. You can inspire their creative side by taking them to the Columbus Museum of Art or the Wexner Center for the Arts. If you're on a restricted budget and don't want to pay admission fees, the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is free. Go there for a couple of hours then head for a pie at the Borgata Pizza Cafe on Parkville Street.


If you only have a few hours to spare but want to do something different, head north from Dublin to Delaware. It's less than twenty miles so will only take you about thirty minutes to get there. In Delaware, you can go underground into the Olentangy Caverns which are a set of ancient caves. There are lots of other activities at the caves too. You can have a game of mini-golf, find treasure in a maze, visit the petting zoo, participate in cave yoga or take a stroll along the BigFoot trail through the woods. Before you head for home again, stop off at Amato's Woodfired Pizza on Sandusky Street for a pizza.

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