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Arlington in Texas is a city with a studious as well as a fun side to it. Home to several prestigious universities, colleges, and schools, Arlington is also the location of two major theme parks and hosts an endless list of diverse festivals throughout the year. Arlington was first settled in the mid-1800s and became a profitable trading post. The surrounding terrains were exploited for agricultural purposes including the growth of cotton. Cotton was a crop that fueled the city's industrial expansion. As more gins were needed to process the cotton, more factories were built and more workers needed. The chance of stable employment enticed many European migrants to move to Arlington. The city's prosperity continued to attract new settlers until well after WW2 and still remains a popular location for resettlement for people today, including those of Italian descent. Where there's a mob of hungry people, you'll find an Italian making pizza and that goes for in Arlington too.

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Arlington in Texas is known for Neapolitan-style pizza

When you order a pie in Arlington, you could be forgiven for thinking you're being served a basic thick crust pie. In most cases, you'd be mistaken. Arlington is known for its Neapolitan-style pizzas and while they may look similar, they are slightly different from thick crust pies. Neapolitan-style pizzas are made to authentic Italian recipes that originate from the Napoli region of Italy and are also sometimes called Naples-style pizza. They are made with a medium-thick crust which is traditionally ragged around the edges and forms a shallow well to hold the sauce and toppings. If a pizzeria wants to prepare their Neapolitan-style pizzas following the genuine method of cooking then they'll bake their pies in a wood-fired oven. Not every pizzeria in Arlington does that though, so to get the real thing you'll need to shop around a little. The search will be well worth it.

Best delivery pizza in Arlington, Texas

Bek's Nizza Pizza is the pizzeria to order from if you want to get the best delivery pizza in Arlington. They send out their pies from a premises on West Lamar Boulevard and they're pretty efficient at doing it too. They won't keep you waiting for long before you're chomping on cheesy, tomatoey dough.

Bek’s premises aren't much to look at either inside or out, although the plate glass windows will help you to spot if there's a queue at the counter and give you a glimpse of their trendy red-checkered plastic tablecloths. Bek's Nizza Pizza are specialists at producing several different styles of pies. Whether you go for a New York, Sicilian, Neapolitan, calzone, stromboli, or just fried dough with marinara sauce on the side, you can rest assured they all look a lot better than their interior decorations.

Best takeout pizza in Arlington, Texas

If you're driving around the suburbs of Arlington and want to grab a take-out pie, head down Forestwood Drive and you'll come across Nino's Pizza, Pasta and Subs. Try one and you'll agree, they make the best take-out pizza in Arlington. Nino's Pizza, Pasta and Subs is housed in a premises at the front of a mall with a large lot so you'll find plenty of spare space to leave your vehicle without risking getting a parking ticket. You won't miss their enormous signage above the door either. There's plenty of pictures on the inside walls to take a look at while you're waiting for the chefs to cook your order. None of them though are as pretty a work of art as the pizza creations they make in the kitchen.

Best pizza near Arlington, Texas

Las Colinas

Fool yourself into believing you're on a trip to Italy by driving northeast of Arlington to Las Colinas. Once you're there, board a gondola and take a ride down the Mandolay Canal while the gondolier sings ‘O Sole Mio’ as you pass beneath stone bridges. There are trails for hiking by the canal too if you prefer to stay on dry land. End your faux Mediterranean tour by dining on pizza at Grimaldi's Pizzeria on West Street. It'll be bellissimo.


If you enjoy watching artisans making their produce or like to purchase handmade products to give as gifts, make a half-hour drive north from Arlington to Grapevine. Explore the Cotton Best Railroad District and you'll find plenty of crafters hard at work as well as be able to jump aboard Puffy the vintage steam engine. Drop by Palio's Pizza Cafe on the Texan Trail Road and have a pie to end the day.

Cedar Hill

Make an escape from the city streets of Arlington by heading twenty miles south in the direction of Cedar Hill. Skip going into the city as it'll be more or less the same as where you came from. Stop just beforehand and you'll discover the beautiful surroundings of Joe Pool Lake and the Cedar Hill State Park. Hike, fish or go boating before heading into Cedar Hill for a pizza from Sam's on Cedar Street.


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