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The best pizza in Mansfield: a local guide

The story of the city of Mansfield, Texas began in the 1850s with two men – Ralph Sandiford Mann and Julian Feild – that built a grist mill in the area that is currently the center of the city. They also facilitated the construction of a general merchandise store and post office before the end of that decade. By the time the city was to be named, it was called Mansfeild – a combination of their names - which after a while changed to Mansfield due to frequent misspellings. Guests enjoy interesting opportunities to learn about the city’s history at the Mansfield Historical Museum and Heritage Center. There are also historic concerts and festivals to attend here too. Besides, those that love outdoor recreation pursue their various interests at the city’s parks like the Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park and Hawaiian Falls Water Park, and trails such as the Linear Trail. There are plenty of restaurants and shops here too, so rest assured you’ll have lots to eat and buy.

Mansfield is known for Sicilian pizza

If there’s one thing that’s in abundance in Mansfield, it’s pizza. Here, there are different styles of pizza available to satisfy the desires of every lover of pie, meaning that you’ll feel at home here regardless of whether your favorite pie is Sicilian, thin crust, stuffed, Neapolitan, New York, or Chicago-style deep dish. The pizza chefs in the city work magic with thick crust pies too. Despite the plethora of options available in the city, the locals are loyal to one particular pie above all else and that’s Sicilian pizza. Sometimes, they may go for a blend of Sicilian and deep dish pizza, but it’s always about the spongy thick-crust square pizza first before any other. The pizzaiolos in the city keep the dish real by using authentic ingredients and staying true to the original recipe, except when otherwise requested by their customers. So, expect a square-shaped, thick crust pizza made with olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a host of toppings you choose.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mansfield

It’s a really good feeling knowing that whenever you’re in the mood for pizza and you’d rather it delivered to you, there’s a restaurant you can count on to deliver the goods. That’s what the folks in Mansfield enjoy, all thanks to Trio Pizza Pasta on East Debbie Lane. Whether it's a regular box of pizza you’re craving or a slice, your exact order will arrive promptly at your doorstep after you place an order from here. The wide range of pies on their extensive menu is another reason why Trio is a local’s favorite in Mansfield because it means that you’ll always get what you’re craving even when you want to try out something new. If it’s your first time ordering, you can build your pie from scratch with your desired ingredients too, so there’s room for creativity with your order. Get started now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Mansfield

The folks at Brooklyn Pie & Café take care of their customers like family, which is why they’re the go-to place for every resident of the city that loves takeout pizza. With every order comes a delightful experience from start to finish, making the restaurant of Matlock Road a quick stop for pizza anytime you may be craving delectable Italian. It definitely helps that there are various options to choose from when you want to place an order for takeout. So, you may choose to go for Bolognese or Alfredo pizza, or mix things up as you want with a custom-made pie. You’ll definitely have no issues with parking when you arrive and will also like the casual setting and cleanliness of the pizza place’s interior. A good way to reduce the wait time for your order is to book ahead on Slice, so why not do that?

Best Pizza Near Mansfield


Families are welcome to enjoy memorable adventures in the city of Burleson, west of Mansfield. Starting with a visit to the Jurassic Zone Mini-Gold and Arcade center definitely sets the tone for a nice time here. The Burleson Ghost Tours is another popular activity to participate in here. Anglers enjoy trout fishing in Bailey Lake too, especially in winter. If you love pizza, MrJims Pizza is a great place to share a meal with your family before you wrap things up here.


Present-day Kennedale was home to Native American hunters and fishermen who lived along Village Creek before settlers arrived in the mid-to-late-1800s. The city was named after one of the folks that bought land– Oliver S. Kennedy – at the site of a mineral well in the area. The top attraction in the city is Sonora Park, a place where guests can view wildlife, hike trails, enjoy picnics, fish, and explore wooded areas. The city has great pizza too, so head over to Bravo Eats for dinner when it’s time.

Cedar Hill

Settlers from Peters Colony founded Cedar Hill in 1846 and made it the largest settlement at the time before a tornado ravaged the area a decade later. Today, the city is paradise for all that love nature and green spaces, thanks to the nature preserves and reserves within and around the city. Places you can visit here to take in picturesque views and watch flora and fauna include the Dogwood Canyon, Cedar Hill State Park, and Joe Pool Lake. For great pie, your place here is MrJims Pizza.

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