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Life can be busy in McLean. Whether you are spending time at work or school, heading to the cities for some fun over the weekend, or getting some shopping done or work around the house, there is a joy to life in the McLean area.

After you are done running around to get your other chores done, it is time to sit down with a fresh, hot slice of pizza. And McLean is known for having some of the best pizzerias in the state of Virginia.

We have taken all the guesswork out of picking pizza and found some of the best options for you to choose. Whether you want something unique or just a simple slice of cheese pizza, we are sure to have everything to make your tastebuds happy.

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McLean is Known for Neapolitan Style Pizza

The next time you make a stop in McLean, take the time to try out a slice of Neapolitan pizza. This is a famous pizza that makes its way to Virginia from Naples, Italy, but with a few regional twists, you will have something that is tasty and delicious.

The first key thing about this pizza is that the ingredients need to be fresh. Keep all the fancy stuff off as well because simplicity is often the best. The biggest thing here though is that there has to be more sauce than cheese on the pizza. The middle may be a little wet for this, but order a whole pizza and you won’t notice as much.

The Neapolitan pizza is also smaller than most other pizzas. It can almost work as a personal pan pizza for those who just want a tasty bite to take on the road. It must be cooked at high temperatures as well, between 800 to 900 for the best taste.

Best Delivery Pizza in McLean

It is time to put down the work and relax with the family. But what will you prepare for supper to impress everyone in the home? Delivery pizza is always a top option, and when you choose Andy’s Pizza, you will get the pizza right to your door in no time.

Andy’s Pizza has some of the best options out there. You will only get the freshest ingredients each time you stop and when you pair it with a great beer that they offer, the night is complete.

There are many great pizzas that you can choose here. The Mushroom and Onion and the Mikes Hot Honey Pizza are very popular options that many people love. Or create one of your own to finish off the meal.

Best Takeout Pizza in McLean

If you need to grab something on the way home, then make sure to get takeout from Baddpizza in McLean. They provide hot and fresh pizzas and even chicken wings for game night or on any night that you do not feel like cooking.

They have perfected the process of online ordering so you can get it done quickly and the takeout pizza will be ready for you in no time. The pizzas have a unique crust that you will want to bite into again and again.

There are many unique pizza options that you are able to try. The Cheesesteak Pizza and the Triple Char Pepperoni are favorites. You can also check out the pizza logs and chicken finger sub for something unique and fun.

Best Pizza Near McLean

Vienna, VA

Make a quick pitstop in Vienna and try out some of the best pizza and Italian dishes possible at Crust Pizzeria Napoletana. This place has some of the best pizzas around, with professional chefs taking over and some of the best in fresh ingredients. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert because the cannoli and tiramisu are amazing here.

Washington, D.C.

Take a moment to see some of the sights in our capital and have a good slice of pizza at the same time. Side Door Pizza is the number one place to stop when you are looking for something hot and fresh for dinner. Their pepperoni and cheese pizza are favorites, but with a unique twist of the sauce being on the top of the cheese! Try out some of the delicious food to see how tasty it can be.

Falls Church

Next on the list is Flippin’ Pizza at Falls Church. This cute little pizzeria is going to have all the pizza, sides, and even desserts that you could want. Start out with some fresh wings, move on to one of the best pizzas- either the Brooklyn or Whitestone Pizza are favorites - and end with some warm chocolate chip cookies to complete the meal.


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You could be eating pizza in less than an hour!

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