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The best pizza in Barre: a local guide

Barre is a secure place, and you will feel comfortable the first time you set foot in the town. The neighbors care for each other, and most of the residents are families and young professionals. The town is also known as the “Granite Center of the World” due to its large granite quarries. You can tour Rock of Ages, which used to be among the largest granite quarries in the world but is currently a tourist destination. You can also get a stone sculpture in Barre since it’s home to many talented stone artists. Granite mining attracted many Italian immigrants, and by the late 20th century, they had popularized pizza in the town. Nowadays, you can get pizza by ordering on Slice or during the Barre Fall Festival, which attracts many people. Barre offers several mouth-watering dishes, and you shouldn’t leave town without trying local fiddleheads and pizza. If you are a car racing enthusiast, make sure you visit Thunder Road Speedbowl for some fast cars and fun times.

Barre is Known for New York-style Pizza

New York-style pizza is among the most popular dishes in Barre, and you can sample it by ordering from any pizzeria in town. New York-style pizza became popular in Barre in the late 20th century when Italian immigrants and New Yorkers opened restaurants. New York-style pizza is a progeny of Neapolitan pizza with roots in Naples, Italy. Lombardi’s Pizza served the first New York-style pizza in 1905 in Manhattan. New York-style pizza has a thin and crispy crust traditionally piled with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Most pizzerias have a long list of additional toppings you can request. The pizza has large slices with fluffy edges and is consumed mainly by folding them into two. The sauce has a mix of grated parmesan cheese, dried chili pepper flakes, basil, and dried oregano. New York-style pizza uses high-gluten flour for the dough, and some restaurants go an extra mile to import water from New York to enhance the crust’s flavor.

Best Delivery Pizza in Barre, Vermont

Simply Subs Pizza & Delivery is a top-notch restaurant that serves delicious Italian dishes and sandwiches in Barre. The pizzeria has terrific staff who ensure your delivery order is taken care of in less than an hour after ordering. You can satisfy your midday cravings with a Meat Eaters Pizza loaded with extra cheese, bacon, sausage, and pepperoni. Get your squad together and enjoy a BBQ Pizza topped with BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, or BBQ pork. The restaurant has an extensive subs menu, and one of their best is the Chicken Bomb Sub served with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. The Mac & Cheese Bites are an ideal pizza side, although the fresh Chef’s Salad tossed with turkey and ham is a lovely light option. To say that Simply Subs has a big menu would be an understatement. The subs come in both hot and cold, and they do tons of calzones, wings, and jumbo beef hot dogs.

Best Takeout Pizza in Barre, Vermont

Ladder 1 Grill is a family-owned and managed restaurant that serves delectable pizzas that you can order for delivery or takeout at a price that won’t strain your budget. Jason Mason, the restaurant’s owner, ensures every dish is prepared to perfection and that all takeout meals are prepared fresh and served when piping hot. With a fire station theme, the pizzeria that also serves American food is a popular joint. It has been voted ‘The Best Food in Town.’ Get a Veggie Classico Pizza fresh out of the oven and enjoy the deliciousness of mushrooms, green peppers, fresh tomatoes, and two kinds of cheese. Get your vitamins and treat your family to a Popeye Special Pizza topped with roasted garlic, marinara sauce, black olives, and fresh spinach. The mozzarella, provolone, and feta doesn’t hurt either. Make your order more delightful by adding a Classic Calzone served with three types of cheese, sliced mushrooms, marinara sauce, and Italian sausage. The restaurant also offers lots of pasta, burgers, and sandwiches.

Best Pizza Near Barre


Montpelier is seven miles northwest of Barre, and it’s a place you should consider visiting soon. Your first stop should be at Positive Pie Inc. The restaurant serves mouth-watering American pizzas that leave you wanting more. All dishes are homemade, and the restaurant uses fresh and high-quality ingredients. Treat your taste buds to a takeout of Smokehouse Pizza loaded with red onions, BBQ sauce, blue cheese crumbles, and chicken.

Waterbury Center

Jimmz Pizza famously serves delectable New York-style pizza in Waterbury Center, a mere 20 miles northwest of Barre. The restaurant incorporates fresh and top-quality ingredients when baking their pizzas, and you can request delivery or takeout. Surprise your workmates with a Combo Pizza piled with mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni, and onions. The restaurant has a great selection of sandwiches, and you can opt for a Meat Sandwich with salami, ham, bacon, and turkey. Remember to save room for a Greek Salad and some dessert.


Depot Square Pizzeria is a notable restaurant in Northfield that serves delicious food at affordable prices. A good place to start on their menu is the White Delight Pizza. It’s loaded with marinated chicken breast, fresh garlic, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese. Another solid pizza choice is the Special Pizza topped with green peppers, mushrooms, sausage, and pepperoni. They also offer pasta dishes and subs, which make a perfect lunch.

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