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The best pizza in Rutland: a local guide

Rutland is among the major cities in Vermont, and it’s a perfect place to visit. The city lies on the western side of the Green Mountains and has several parks to tour. Pine Hill Park has excellent bike trails, and you can also chill with your family as you dine on your takeout meal. You can enjoy iconic dishes served in Rutland, such as fiddleheads and pizzas, and your visit to the town will leave a memorable mark. Pizza became a favorite dish in Rutland after Italian immigrants started serving the meal in the mid 20th century. You can also sample the dish during the annual Harvest Festival in October since many pizzerias in Rutland serve their dishes during the event. Many retirees and young professionals live in the city due to the quality of life and safety. Remember to visit the Paramount Theater, and you will have fun watching plays and stand-up comedians.

Rutland is Known for New York-style Pizza

Your visit to Rutland will be incomplete if you don’t sample a New York-style pizza from any restaurant in the city. Pizzerias in Rutland have polished their pizza-making skills over the years, so it’s easy to get a delicious New York pizza in town. Lombardi’s pizzeria prepared the first New York-style pizza in 1905 in New York City, and the dish has been around Rutland since the mid 20th century. New York pizza evolved from Neapolitan pizza from Naples, Italy. New York-style pizza has a thin crust with typical toppings such as mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. You can also add more toppings to your New York pizza since most restaurants in Rutland allow customers to customize their dishes. The fun thing about eating New York-style pizza is folding the slices into two to ensure they fit in your mouth. Chefs prepare the flavorful pizza sauce using dried basil, oregano, grated parmesan cheese, and red chili. Some restaurants go the extra mile in importing water from New York to ensure they create an authentic New York-style pizza.

Best Delivery Pizza in Rutland, Vermont

Ramunto’s Sicilian Pizza is a hidden gem in Rutland that has served travelers and the locals with mouth-watering hand-tossed pizzas since opening in 1999. The pizzeria prepares its dough daily and uses vine-ripened tomatoes and 100% mozzarella cheese. You can request a customizable New York-style pizza or try a specialty Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and you won’t be disappointed. You can also treat your family to a BBQ Pizza or Chicken Ranch Pizza loaded with cheddar cheese, green peppers, housemade chipotle sauce, and bacon. The pizzeria also serves a tasty Spicy Chicken Pizza topped with caramelized onions, jalapenos, bacon, and chicken. If you like to go the customization route, aside from pizza, you can also choose your calzone toppings. Prefer to keep it simple? Ramunto’s has a Cheese Calzone with mozzarella and fresh ricotta. The Greek salad is tossed with spinach, feta cheese, and black olives and is a fantastic way to lighten up a decadent pizza meal.

Best Takeout Pizza in Rutland, Vermont

Olympic Pizza is a household name in Rutland that serves exquisite Greek-style pizzas all day, every day. The pizzeria incorporates fresh and top-quality ingredients to prepare its pizza dough. You can treat yourself to a Marengo Pizza for a taste of roasted red peppers, oregano, grilled chicken, and tomato. Olympic Pizza also serves a tasty Alfredo Pizza with housemade creamy alfredo sauce, broccoli, and grilled chicken. It’s a flavorsome dish and worth trying on your next takeout order. Next time you need takeout, make Olympic Pizza your first choice for the best pizza, fast preparation, and friendly service. The Steak/Chicken Bomb Calzone is loaded with grilled chicken or steak, shredded cheese, mushrooms, and green peppers. It’s perfect for those who can’t choose between pizza and a sandwich. Olympic Pizza also offers delicious appetizers, salads, and pasta. If you need dessert, they have that, too.

Best Pizza Near Rutland


Shrewsbury lies about ten miles southeast of Rutland and has several world-class pizzerias serving delicious dishes. Rustic Rooster should be your first stop when you get hungry in town. Try the Meat Monster Pizza with four kinds of meat or the gluten-free Caluiflower Crust Pizza with cheese and veggies. The ideal starters are the Bacon-wrapped Jalapenos, Stuffed Shrimp, or Momma’s Meatballs served with marinara, ricotta coulis, and shaved parmesan cheese. Remember to save room for a fresh salad such as the Rustic Rooster Salad tossed with chopped Romaine, maple balsamic vinaigrette, goat cheese, and cranberries.


It will take about 30 minutes to drive southeast of Rutland to Ludlow. When visiting Ludlow, you can enjoy dishes served at Mangiamo Ristorante & Nightclub. The pizzeria bakes its pizzas using a wood-fired oven, and you can try a Big Okemo Pizza. It has Roma tomatoes, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, and red onions. You can opt for the Chicken D’ Pesto Pizza or the Quattro Formaggio Pizza. Either way, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!


Domenic’s Pizzeria is an iconic restaurant in Killington, located 14 miles northeast of Rutland. The pizzeria prepares its dough and sauce daily using premium ingredients. You can set the tone for the meal with an order of breadsticks or a tasty soup. The pizzeria also serves unique House Ranch and House Veggie Pizza topped with juicy toppings like red onions, spinach, black olives, and tomatoes. Prefer pasta? The Meat Lasagna has three types of cheese, sausage, and meatballs. Complete the perfect meal with a dessert of the S’mores Calzones or Mini Cannoli to share.

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