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Dows904 Cardinal AveDows, IA 50071View menu
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The year is 1973, do you remember back then? I tell one of my crew, Willy, to find a place where me and my guys can hangout, relax and make plans for future endeavors. Willy does just that.

Our new “social club” is great, except my wise guys want food too. So, Willy knocks a hole in the wall and builds a kitchen. He starts making pizzas and, in a matter of days, the aroma gets around da neighborhood.

People start comin’ by, askin’ to buy pizza. Us, being good neighbors, oblige. And before ya know it we got a line around the block! Next thing I know, we’re goin’ legit! We start makin’ more money in da pizza business than our other…stuff. I tell Willy to run with it! Now, we’re in da pizza business full time!

You could be eating pizza in less than an hour!

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