How Billy’s Pizza & Pasta Increased Sales by 8x

Slice’s turnkey solution helped this Brooklyn pizzeria embrace digital and tap into a whole new customer base.

Setting The Table

Anthony and Chuck Coku started out in the pizza business as teenagers, bussing tables and doing roll-ups. By the time they opened Billy’s Pizza & Pasta they were full-fledged pros who could tie garlic knots in their sleep. Anthony and Chuck had the back of house work covered. But, when the industry shifted towards online ordering, they needed some out-of-house help.

The Challenge: Building a New Base

A few years after opening, Anthony and Chuck recognized that the industry was changing. They didn’t have sophisticated data tracking — or a computer in the shop, for that matter — but they were scribbling a lot of the same names when taking orders. Meanwhile, more of their regulars were asking for online ordering. Grubhub and other delivery apps wanted high commissions while tempting Billy’s Pizza & Pasta customers with other cuisines — the brothers weren't interested. Instead, they hired a local web designer to make the shop a site.

The site cost them hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and countless orders due to difficult updates and constant issues. Starting a new site from scratch, hiring someone to constantly update the programming code, and building a mobile version could have cost thousands more.

The Solution: Reach New Customers and Build Loyalty With Slice

Anthony and Chuck needed a reliable, full-scale digital solution that could turn angry phone calls into successful orders. Slice provided them with a secure, mobile-friendly website featuring online ordering designed specifically for pizzerias. The new site also topped local Google searches where Slice optimized the shop’s listing and enabled direct online ordering. The resulting new customers quickly became regulars, thanks to Slice’s loyalty marketing tools and frequent reminders to order.

It didn’t take long for Anthony and Chuck to see results. In the first month, Billy’s Pizza & Pasta saw a 20.1% increase in overall sales. Several years later, the success has continued.

Anthony, Billy’s Pizza & Pasta, Brooklyn, NY
“Slice is doing all my online ordering and marketing now, which has freed up a lot of time. Less companies and machines to manage, you know? ...Plus, more orders. What’s not to love?”— Anthony, Billy’s Pizza & Pasta, Brooklyn, NY

“They’ve got hundreds of employees to handle everything for me. Without them, I’d have double the payroll with half the results. It’s the best decision I ever made, because I get to focus on what I do best. No hassle, no headaches.”

–Anthony Coku, Co-Owner, Billy’s Pizza & Pasta

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