Brick’s Pizza Ditched DoorDash and Saved $234K

Slice’s small business-friendly pricing and 24/7 support helped this once low-tech shop thrive.

Setting The Table

Through elbow grease and pizza grease, Matt Brick built his shop into a Centreville, VA staple. Recessions and trendy new restaurants came and went, but the extra-cheesy pies at Brick’s Pizza stood the test of time.

When online ordering replaced standing in-line, Matt needed outside help to adapt. Sadly, after years of hard work, DoorDash‘s pricing threatened to topple his business.

The Challenge: Keeping Customers Satisfied

Matt saw aggregators as a necessary evil. He didn’t want to pay sky-high commissions, but he didn’t have the tech savvy to give his regulars online ordering. DoorDash promised him new customers, plus promotions that would help him stand out from the competition. Instead, he lost the trust of his regulars and lost new customers to other restaurants on the platform.

DoorDash delivery drivers were often late and, sometimes, they didn’t show up. Matt ate those chargebacks, and DoorDash still forced him to pay the commissions. In other words: DoorDash took a 30% cut from the cash he never made. All the while, Brick’s Pizza had to list higher prices in order to turn a profit. Like his customers, Matt was receiving horrendous service at a premium price.

The Solution: Driving Loyalty With Slice

With Slice, Matt was able to use his own reliable drivers and keep his business thriving with industry-low fees. Brick’s Pizza reached new customers thanks to a custom-built website from Slice, optimized to top local Google searches, and the Slice Marketplace. The end result? Better service for customers and a bigger bottom line for Matt.


“I don’t want someone else handling my product. Slice gives me full control, 24/7 support, and the tools I need to thrive as a pizzeria owner.”

Matt Brick, Owner, Brick’s Pizza

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