How Manbroso’s To Go Increased Sales by 7x

Their POS couldn't keep up with incoming orders. Slice provided reliability and even more orders.

Setting The Table

Jeff Bracalenti and John Mancinelli modestly describe Manbroso’s To Go as a “hole in the wall in a shopping center just outside of Philly.” In reality, this 600 sq. ft shop does up to $6K in weekly Slice sales. Big business in a small kitchen leaves no room for errors or extra employees. When his POS came up short, they needed a full-scale digital solution to fill in the gaps.

The Challenge

The hard-working people of Aston, PA didn’t have time for a one-hour lunch, so Manbroso’s To Go didn’t bother with dine-in. Instead, the fun-sized shop was built for takeout and delivery only — almost as fast and affordable as McDonald’s, but with much better food. Their strategy was brilliant, and it saved him thousands of dollars in overhead.

For Manbroso’s To Go, quick service is just as important as quality. Unfortunately, their POS couldn’t keep up — employees had to manually key-in last minute changes and special instructions, interrupting prep midway through a rush. When the system froze, Jeff had to handle customer service all by himself.

Customers complained that it took forever to place a large order and some gave up before checkout. Meanwhile, new customers weren’t turning into repeat business – email addresses sat in the POS backend, and Jeff didn’t have a way to follow up.

The Solution

Manbroso’s To Go needed a user-friendly platform to deliver real support on both sides of the counter. Slice optimized the shop’s website to top local searches and take orders directly through Google. Then, new customers became regulars thanks to reliable ordering and one-tap reordering. When Slice streamlined operations, the shop’s bottom line skyrocketed.


“Your POS only does one thing, and you can’t always count on it. Slice is like having an extra team of employees that doesn’t make mistakes.”

Jeff Bracalenti, Co-Owner, Manbroso’s To Go

How Slice Stacks Up

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