How Slice helped pandemic-proof Uno Pizzeria & Grill

The aggregators sent their customers to competitors. Slice’s pizzeria-specific marketing brought them back to Uno’s.

Setting The Table

With more than 100 locations, Uno Pizzeria & Grill is known worldwide for its signature deep dish pizza and comforting classics. Voted nationally by consumers as the top franchised restaurant for convenience, quality, and value, Uno’s has enjoyed consistently strong dine-in sales for decades.

Already established as a Friday night go-to, the fast casual chain set its sights on to-go and delivery sales. Fast food chains like Domino’s and Papa John’s had a head start, so Uno’s enlisted out-of-house help to quickly close the gap.

The Challenge: Parlaying Dine-In Success Into Online Sales

Having a superior product was only half the battle. Most consumers preferred Uno’s over fast food pizza, but chains like Pizza Hut were synonymous with reliable online ordering. They were building on their momentum, too. Collectively, the Big 4 pizza chains invested more than $1 billion in online ordering while leveraging their volume into sweetheart deals with third-party apps like GrubHub and DoorDash.

Many Uno’s locations followed suit by teaming with the aggregators, but it was far from a fair partnership. Across the country, regional managers saw an early boost in sales negated by skyhigh fees and little in the way of reorders, despite 4- and 5-star ratings. Ultimately, satisfied Uno’s customers were being rerouted to cheaper alternatives and different cuisines.

The Solution: Driving Digital Orders and Loyalty With Slice

Uno’s needed a reliable and cost-effective online ordering platform to drive orders and reorders. Slice provided their Chicagoland locations with a flat-fee solution and targeted reminders to lead customers back to their local Uno’s instead of their nearest Little Caesars. Properly showcased as quality convenience — rather than just fast and cheap — Uno’s owners kept their regulars and more of their digital dollars.


“Our shops can’t compete with Domino’s while paying crazy fees to apps like GrubHub. Slice levels the playing field, drives repeat business, and reinforces our brand’s reputation for superior quality.”

Chris Gorman, Director of Store Systems, Uno Restaurants

How Slice Stacks Up

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