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Beginning in the 1800s, the migration of Italians into New York inevitably and luckily spilled into the streets of Phoenix. Although sparse at first, their rich history and culture has resulted in what is now one of the nation’s pizza capitals. A self-proclaimed city of pizza lovers, Phoenix was voted the nation's number one pizza town by Travel and Leisure magazine. Phoenix pizza lovers take an open-minded approach to pizza styles, avoiding the snobbishness of trendy cities and embracing all pizza styles and the full flavors they bring.

Alongside this embrace of experimentation lies an unfaltering love for their traditional and authentic style of Neapolitan-inspired pizzas. Here the authentic touch is appreciated and wood-fired and brick oven pizza restaurants are often favored.

To truly showcase that deep love of pizza, the Phoenix Pizza Festival in November is a favorite among the community. This festival brings together the best local pizza restaurants of all kinds, be they traditional sit-down restaurants or more modern and casual food trucks. Surrounded by local vendors with the perfect pairings of wine and dessert, visitors and locals alike enjoy the community games and live music displays as well of course, as their favorite pizzas.

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Phoenix is known for Neapolitan style pizza

Here in Phoenix, pizzerias pride themselves on their wonderful variety of pizza styles and experimentation that are always embraced by happy customers. But a longstanding love of authenticity leaves the most popular pizza in Phoenix being the traditional brick oven Neapolitan-inspired pizzas. In many cases the recipes for these delicious pies is woven into the Italian-American heritage of the families that proudly serve them.

Best pizza delivery in Phoenix Arizona

The fastest delivery of all comes from Pizza Heaven Bistro.

This family-owned restaurant has been catering to the local community since 1982. Yet their pizzas never go out of style and remain firm favourites as well as keeping up with the dynamic changing appetites of the locals . They pride themselves on using extra lean and fresh ingredients and a huge choice of over 40 possible healthy toppings. Made in brick ovens, these pizzas come in a wide variety and are sure to please no matter your preference! (Also offering GMO-free as well as gluten-free and vegan options)

Best takeout pizza in Phoenix Arizona

Started off by its founder in 1988, this now favorite pizzeria, proudly named Pizzaria Bianco began in the corner of a small local grocery store. Yet today this award-winning and highly favored contemporary Italian restaurant has a solid four out of five rating with over 1000 dazzling reviews. Breaking in at #5 out of 154 Italian restaurants in Phoenix, this is surely one of the best places to go for a delicious and expertly crafted pizza.

The founder and author of the book ‘Pizza, Pasta and Other Foods I Like’, Chris Bianco is also the owner of two other highly acclaimed restaurants Pane Bianco and Tratto, all located in Phoenix AZ.

All of these woodfire restaurants come highly recommended, with the New York times calling the pizza ‘Perhaps the best in America’ in 2004. These brilliant and more upscale sit-down restaurants feature some of the best authentic traditional as well as some more unique pizza varieties in all of Phoenix.

Best pizza near Phoenix Arizona

Glendale AZ

In Glendale Arizona, Pullano’s Pizza scores a 4.6 out of 5 among fond customers. Starting in Phoenix in 1978 this family-owned business has now moved to Glendale. Featuring the ‘Pullano special’- a pepperoni and sausage pizza with black olives and mushrooms, this restaurant has all the Italian cuisine you could ask for as well as specialty Buffalo wings and shrimp.

Paradise Valley AZ

Beginning their business in the 1990s with that first location opening in the Burrows Dumbo neighborhood under the Brooklyn bridge. Grimaldi’s is a traditional coal-fired brick oven pizza restaurant that keeps up with old fashion traditions and over 100-year-old recipes. A cornerstone of the community, this company gives readily to local charities and supports not-for-profit organizations within the community. So it is clear that every pizza made here is made with love! The all-time community favorites being the traditional Margarita and the pesto pizza.

Tempe AZ

A hard favorite in Tempe, Arizona, Clockwork Pizza runs like ... well clockwork. It features the specialty ‘Godfather Clock pizza’ which is a meaty delight of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion, green peppers, and olives. Most specialty favorites include the white pizza made of ricotta cheese, mozzarella, fresh garlic, tomatoes, and spinach, as well as a barbecue chicken pizza. Here in Clockwork Pizza it's always dinnertime.


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