Top Pizza Restaurants in New London, CT in 2024 Near You

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It’s clear that none of the residents nor the festivals of New London CT are a stranger to a delicious and expertly made pizza! New London’s ingenuity and love of good food is showcased in the ketogenic food festival! The first things that spring to mind when someone says pizza are probably words like tasty, delicious and calorific, maybe not so much words like ‘Carb-free’. However, with the New London ketogenic food festival, you’ll find out that they can all go hand in hand! This food festival is like no other, featuring low-carb pizza crusts made with almond flour, mozzarella, cream cheese, garlic salt, and everyone's favorite, xanthan gum! Despite your perhaps initial skepticism, the residents of New London will tell you these pies give the most carb-heavy crust a run for its money! This festival also includes other delicious treats such as a pig roast with clam chowder and coleslaw and great entertainment such as live podcast recordings, cooking demonstrations, and lectures from speakers including medical doctors, nutrition specialists, and cholesterol researchers.

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The best pizza in New London: a local guide

Here in New London, creativity and uniqueness are embraced. The classic long-standing favorites are never far from any eatery menu of course, but New London Pizzerias pack a special punch. With many amazing and original Vegetarian options available at a variety of establishments, these healthier and flavor-packed options are quickly becoming local favorites. Take for example the delicate combination of pears, walnuts, and provolone cheese found on the Matts pear pizza at Two Wives Brick Oven Restaurant, a truly delicious creation!

Best pizza delivery in New London CT

For pizza delivery that is not only super speedy but is also FREE! Ocean Pizza Restaurant And Seafood House has you covered! With nearly 40 (that's right 40!) specialty pizzas to choose from you'll spend more time deciding which of these delicious pies to order than you will eating it! And that decision is not made any easier by the fact that all Ocean Pizza Restaurant And Seafood House Pizzas are made with the freshest and the finest ingredients so you can be sure whichever pie you choose, you're guaranteed to love it! With so many options to choose from, Ocean Pizza caters to anybody's taste. Would you prefer a more simple and classic flavor combination of the sausage or pepperoni pizza? Or do you want to dive a little deeper and try an ocean specialty such as the Fish Haddock Pizza or the Squid or Clams Pizza - you know that there's the perfect pie waiting for you!

Best takeout pizza in New London CT

For the best takeout pizza in New London CT look no further than award-winning restaurant Two Wives Brick Oven Pizza! Happy customers would agree that they have perfected the Neapolitan style pizza along with many other authentic dishes such as fresh pasta, Italian bread, and delicious desserts. This restaurant is centered in the heart of New London downtown and the heart of New London locals too! With 16-inch large pizzas coming in many varieties adorned with rich and fresh authentic ingredients like the Margherita pizza made with pomodoro sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil for that classic combination and Italian flavor in every bite! Perhaps a more unique and original to the Two Wives Pie is more tempting to you? No worries! This pizzeria's menu is stacked top to bottom with originality. Take, for example, the Black and Blue pizza made with roasted garlic, steak, grilled bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions, and of course mozzarella cheese- delicious flavors in every bite! Or if you really can't choose between the many formidable options offered, simply combine the two with a 16-inch lasagna pizza, a hearty feast for anyone made with baby spinach, pomodoro sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese- the best of both worlds!

Best pizza near New London CT

Best pizza in Groton Connecticut

For the authentic taste of delicious Italian American cuisine look no further than New York Family Pizza, a firm local favorite with a respectable 4.3 stars. Of course they’ve earned their name, serving the best New York-style pizzas by the pie or by the slice. With everyone’s favorite toppings, classic Margherita and pepperoni take the lead as customer favorites! And when you try their rich and stringy mozzarella or perfectly seasoned and salted pepperoni, you’ll agree!

Best pizza in Waterford Connecticut

For the traditional taste of homemade Nana's Byrek and Pizza is the place to go, the only trouble is you might not want to leave! These 4.8 stars have been earned by Nana’s pizzas. Choose from a build your own option which includes Bacon, chicken, hamburger, sausage, and many more. Or choose from one of Nana’s specialties, from classic cheese to Greek pizza, BBQ chicken to Meat lover supreme, you’ll be spoilt rotten at Nana’s!

Best pizza in Stonington CT

Proudly crowned a firm local favorite and proudly named Stonington Pizza Palace, all the pies here are fit for royalty! A huge array of options awaits you!

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