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The best pizza in Dover: a local guide

When you mention Sicilian pizza in Dover, everyone drools! Maybe it's the crust, or perhaps it's the technique. Either way, the pizza that originates from Sicily, Italy, is the resident's favorite. The pizza is made with an over two-inch thick, spongy dough. The dough is prepared by mixing flour, water, yeast, and olive oil in specific proportions. It is left to rise then pressed onto a seasoned square pan liberally sprinkled with olive oil. Not all Sicilian pizzas in Dover are square, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a round one. Regardless of the shape, the pizza is topped with a selection and vegetable and meat toppings, thick sauce, and strong cheese. Because of the airy and spongy nature of a Sicilian crust, the placement of toppings varies. The cheese goes over the bare crust, followed by meat toppings then vegetable toppings, while thick sauce sits the very top. This order prevents the sauce from being sucked up by the spongy crust. Who needs a soggy pizza?

Best Delivery Pizza in Dover

For effective delivery pizza in Dover, give Mama Mia Pizza and Grill a chance. The charming, rustic, mural-filled Italian bistro is graced by beautiful hand-painted walls that make you feel like you are in Italy. The restaurant presents a menu with various excellent pizzas and delicious pasta options.
Their hand-tossed pizzas are made to order, with quality ingredients, following time-tested recipes. Mama Mia’s pizzas are constantly layered with a blend of American and mozzarella cheese, a selection of sauces, and premium ingredients. Be sure to try their Gyro Pizza, served with gyro meat over mozzarella, topped with kalamata olives, tomato, and onions, with a side of tzatziki sauce. If you need to try more items, it would be great to note that all their classic dinners are served with garlic bread with delicious dipping oil and a side salad. Check out more delicious items from their menu, and make an order through Slice:

Best Takeout Pizza in Dover

You can rely on a few places for consistently delicious take-ut pizza; Luigi's Pizza is one of them. The pizzeria opened its doors to Dover locals and tourists in 2011 and has been serving delectable Italian meals ever since. Their menu consists of specialty pizzas and pizza slice specials alongside preferred Italian entries. The pizzeria prepares fresh homemade dough daily for their hand-tossed, brick oven-baked pizza. The pizza is a perfectly chewy, crispy crust, brushed with butter and infused with garlic. It is then layered with a selection of numerous toppings and high-quality cheese.
You can never go wrong with The Works Pizza from Luigi's. The pizza is topped with crisp pepperoni, sausage, juicy meatballs, ham, and the freshest vegetable toppings. The combination and presentation of the pizza are nothing short of appealing. The restaurant also serves enormous traditional bone-in wings, fried to perfection and layered with a choice of sauces.

Best Pizza Near Dover


Townsend is a little town in New Castle County, Delaware. The city is close to the fast-growing Middletown, but it is still quiet without being too far from stores and entertainment.
There may be few food selections in the area. However, while taking the backroads on a weekend drive, be sure to pass by the small-town pizza shop La Matesina Pizza and Pasta. The restaurant serves a variety of gourmet and stuffed pizzas as well as excellent pasta and memorable sandwiches.


Smyrna is a tight-knit community filled with overtly friendly and accommodating residents. It has all the small-town vibes. However, it is becoming more populated with more stores and fast-food places consistently opening. Bella Villa Italian Pizzeria is a cute spot with an ambiance perfect for a homemade Italian meal. The restaurant consistently serves hot, fresh, and delicious pizza. The pizzas are made with the highest quality of ingredients; fresh dough prepared in-house daily, 100% Grande mozzarella cheese, and tasty homemade sauce.


Milford is a small, quiet, suburban town centrally located in the state. Within a short distance from the capital and local beaches, a wide range of activities provides diverse entertainment sources for everyone. If you are searching for a reliable pizza spot in the city, it would be great to consider Taco Pizza. Do they serve taco pizza? Yes, they do. The pizza is topped with diced tomatoes, lettuce, ground beef and drizzled with guacamole sauce. The pizzeria always delivers the perfect topping to crust ratio.

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