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Pizza spread from New York to Delaware over time. It first appeared in the United States back in the 20s, becoming much more popular after WWII soldiers returned to New York. As people moved around the country, the dish became a staple across the nation.

Today, it makes sense that Wilmington has plenty of New York style pizzerias. The thin slice is very popular in the area. However, you can also discover several other styles here. Still, the New York slice is going to be the option you stumble across the most.

Do you live in Wilmington? If so, you will want to keep reading. There are plenty of places in the area that offer this delicious, foldable thin crust. If you haven’t tried one, this city is the perfect place to grab a large slice in Delaware!

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Wilmington is Known for the New York Style Pizza

We would have to say that the New York-style pizza is what this state is known for. You can find several options throughout the area, but the thin slice with the crunchy crust and gooey cheese is perfected in this city. Many locals love all the options that they have for this style. You can find everything you need in one spot.

Are you not familiar with the New York Slice? These pizza types are very large and thin, allowing them to be the perfect street food. Many years ago, people would fold them in half and carry them on their way to work or for their lunch breaks.

Today, the slice is still just as popular, although you can get it with many more toppings. The large pizza is usually made in a pizza oven, which can be coal or wood-fired. At the end of the day, you need to try one!

Best Delivery Pizza in Wilmington

Sicily’s Pizza is a wonderful pizzeria located on Lancaster Avenue. The store offers their services with a low delivery fee and some of the best pizza in town. They are open late and offer several different items on their menu. Plus, they are prompt with their service, especially when you place an order through Slice Life.

If you want fast delivery, then this will be the store to choose. The staff are very hardworking and always make sure that you are taken care of. They are a local favorite too!

Next time you need a delicious and hot pizza brought to you, make sure that you order from this pizzeria in Wilmington. They are a place well known to locals and have several positive reviews online! By ordering through us, you can even save some time on receiving your meal.

Best Takeout Pizza in Wilmington

However, maybe you want something to eat while you are out of the house. On those busy days, be sure to use our site to place an order with Pete’s Pizza. They offer plenty of delicious items on their menu and also can deliver.

Their takeout is wonderful! They have several options and provide all the Italian classics. However, we do recommend that you place a takeout order before you go. They can get very busy sometimes, so it is worth setting your order ahead of time. That way, you can walk in and receive your pizza hot, fresh, and ready to go!

Overall, all the locals have tried this place! They recommend it often for takeout and the store has a lot of regulars who love eating there. Next time you want a classic slice of takeout pizza, be sure to order from Pete’s Pizza.

Best Pizza Near Wilmington


Mazzella Italian Restaurant offers plenty of unique dishes. They are open late at night and also have options for takeout, delivery, and dine-in. That way, you can enjoy your meal as you please. They are also very cost-efficient and have several different menu items.


In Elsmere, you will want to try Little Vinnie’s Pizza and Pasta. The food is very delicious and has some of the best pizza in DE. They use a lot of sauce and have fair prices for the larger portion sizes that you receive. The store is worth checking out and there are plenty of nearby locations for you to explore. If you happen to be in the area, then you should stop by!

New Castle

The Dog House first opened back in the 50s and still offers amazing American pizza dishes to this day. They have wonderful take-out and are unique to the area. We recommend that you try their classic options if you are living in the area. The staff are also very friendly and will always ensure that your order is made the right way!


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