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The best pizza in Rehoboth Beach: a local guide

Rehoboth Beach lies about two hundred miles south of New York so if you feel that the townies may be susceptible to the influence of New York pizza, you’re absolutely right – they are. The love for New York pizza easily found its way south to this beautiful town, and the reason for that is not so hard to imagine. As a popular tourist and summer destination for folks in the region, you’d naturally expect that there be that pizza style that will both cater to the cravings of the residents as well as the frequent visitors. The New Yorker Pizza as this is often called here is no different from what you’ll find in any area in New York as the pizzaiolos in Rehoboth Beach follow the same preparation methods as the authentic NY pie and make use of fresh ingredients only. Therefore, expect to see foldable thin crust pies that you’ll be able to enjoy on the go here.

Best Delivery Pizza in Rehoboth Beach

One restaurant caters to all the pizza delivery desires and expectations of the residents of Rehoboth Beach as well as everyone that’s visiting the town for some time. That’s no other than Casa Di Leo on Rehoboth Avenue, the beautiful joint that’s got whatever you may need as far as pizza delivery is concerned. Besides the fact that no one else comes close to their level of excellence in getting pies to their customers in the town on time, they also have a robust meal to choose from such that you can’t run out of options. What’s more, all their meals are prepared by top-rated chefs, meaning that you not only get pizza with high-quality and fresh ingredients, but you’ll know that it was prepared by the best. Here, they keep Italian traditions alive by sticking to original recipes. Place an order for their supreme pizza, Pizza Margarita, or Mediterranean pie to see what they’re about. You can do that right away on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Rehoboth Beach

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s the fact that a town known for receiving plenty of visitors, like Rehoboth Beach, will definitely need to have great takeout pizza places because takeout will be in high demand. Introduce Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats into the mix and you’ll know why takeout pizza is something to die for in Rehoboth Beach. The locals are the ones that enjoy it the most because they have year-round access to the fantastic pies that the chefs here cook which you can carry out whenever you feel like pizza. They’ve got wood-fired ovens here that chefs use to cook specials like A Simple Enquiry, A Day’s Wait, After the Storm, The Old Man of the Sea, or Under the Ridge, among others. Interesting pizza names, right? Wait till you taste their pies after you’ve left with your box and you’ll know why they’re the best in town. Place an order right away on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Rehoboth Beach

Dewey Beach

If you’re one of those that love to stay active all day and night too, Dewey Beach is the perfect place for you to visit, because day and night here are full of opportunities for all kinds of fun. This rock-and-roll city with its scenic sights, restaurants, and attractions is popular for its nightlife too. So, you can pursue all your recreational interests without holding back. As for pizza, all you need to do to enjoy the best in town is visit Franco’s Pizza & Pasta and you’ll be treated to a memorable pie.

North Shores

The vibrant community of North Shores lies north of Rehoboth Beach and features great spots for families to spend time whether during summer or any other season. The highlight of the community is the Bath & Tennis Club, a facility that offers premium recreational opportunities, so if you love swimming, tennis, or nature observation, you’ll love it there. There are wildlife sighting opportunities here too so come prepared. For lunch or dinner, your go-to place is Nicola Pizza, so make sure you don’t miss that.

Long Neck

Long Neck lies between the Indian River Bay and the Rehoboth Bay and features popular restaurants that serve amazing dishes. One place you should definitely stop by while you’re here is Delizia’s Pizza on Seafarer’s Village Road. Things to do at Long Neck include fishing, birdwatching, surfing, and swimming, meaning that you can’t have a boring time with your family and/or friends. Come prepared for a nice time and you’re guaranteed a pleasant surprise.

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