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The best pizza in Middletown: a local guide

In the early days, and through the Depression era, supplies of basic ingredients weren't always so easy to get. Cooks had to learn to make do with what they had and make what basic ingredients they had go a lot further, so for that reason, Middletown is known for thin crust pizza. They bake a lot more than regular thin crust in Middletown these days though and there's a variety of pie types on most of the city pizzeria menus. Think of thin crust and the first pie that comes to mind will probably be New York-style pizza. That's not an authentic Italian pizza by any means although thin crust is. Thin crust has been being made in Italy for generations, particularly in the south of the country around Naples and Rome. The only difference between thin and thick is as the name suggests – the thickness of the crust.

Best delivery pizza in Middletown, Delaware

When you deserve to have the best delivery pizza in Middletown brought to your door, which is basically every time you order one, there's one pizzeria in the city you should call and that's Caruso's. Named after a famous Italian opera singer of the early 20th century, Enrico Caruso, you'll be singing operettas of delight when you get your delivery pie from here.

Caruso's is housed in a premises on Dove Run Center Drive that's Italian inside and out with the addition of a few quirky touches. There's nothing quirky about Caruso's pizzas though, they're exactly the way mama used to bake and are proper Italian bakes. Caruso's do a selection of New York-style too including a very flavorsome Saltimbocca loaded with grilled chicken pieces, prosciutto, spinach, and cheese on a thin, mega-sized New York base. Believe it, an Italian-American pizza fusion doesn't get much better than that.

Best takeout pizza in Middletown, Delaware

After you've spent the afternoon in Camp Adventureland with the kids, they're going to be pretty hungry to say the least. Don't go home and cook. Keep them quiet, and well fed, by picking up the best take-out pizza in Middletown from Luna's Pizzeria and Italian Grill on Kohl Avenue. Luna's is a smart pizzeria housed in an independent building with a large patio. That's a great spot to leave the kids if they won't stay in the car. Inside is stylish to say the least, well-furnished and clean. You'll notice they set a high standard in everything they do and that includes making pies. Their vegetarian pizzas are exceptionally good so even if you're a dedicated meat eater they're well worth giving a try. What's not to like about a crispy thin crust covered with roasted peppers and garlic or eggplant smothered in cheese?

Best pizza near Middletown, Delaware


Massey is a rural town around fifteen miles south of Middletown. Driving there will see you crossing the state border and entering into Maryland. There's not a great deal to Massey itself other than the Massey Air Museum which has a fascinating collection of bi-planes including an AN-2 which is the biggest single-engine bi-plane in the world. While you're there, you'll also be able to watch planes taking off and landing as the airstrip is used by local flying enthusiasts. If you prefer to see things on the wing of the feathered kind, then drop by the Millington Wildlife Management Area which is right nearby. Take a short detour on the way home and you can pick up a pie from Galena's Pizzeria on the Main Street in Galena.

Port Penn

When you're in need of some beach time but don't want to drive too far, take the DE-1 in a northerly direction out of Middletown and head for Port Penn. Port Penn is a rural hamlet on the Delaware River with a riverside beach area. Have a chill out there, then when you want to have a leg stretch try a hike on the Port Penn Wetlands Trail. To find out what you might see on the way, drop in at the Port Penn Interpretive Center before you set out for your walk. Before you go back to Middletown having a pizza at Kelly's Tavern on West Market Street is highly recommended.


Bear is a town fifteen miles or so north of Middletown which is surrounded by farmlands and the acreage of the Lums Pond State Park. It's an ideal location for some peace and quiet in the outdoors. At the heart of the park's wooded grounds is a millpond. It's quite a trek, about six miles, to get there, but worth every sore muscle you might get for the splendid views along the way. You can canoe, kayak, or paddleboard on the pond, if you can carry your gear that far, as well as spot wildlife like basking turtles, herons, and even osprey diving for fish. As well as around seventeen miles of trails for hiking and biking, the park encompasses an adventure sport section where you can climb and zipline. When you're thoroughly exhausted, stop off at Riviera Pizza on Fox Hunt Drive for a pie.

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