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The best pizza in Metuchen: a local guide

Metuchen is one of the older settlements in the New Jersey area and it is rich with history. You will find that this area is a family location that offers lots of great adventures to go on as well as shopping and restaurants for your enjoyment. This is a melting-pot location that offers many different food types. You will be able to get a Sicilian pizza slice here or a New York-style pie that is just as good as the pizza that you can get in the city.

This area offers you the chance to take advantage of various cultural cuisines and many of them are reflected in the pizza that is made here. You can get southern-style slices as well as New York and deep-dish pizzas. This is a great town to head to if you love pizza and if you want to get to try some pizza styles that might not be on offer in your local area.

Metuchen is Known for Grandma Pizza

This area has been influenced by many different cultures. You will be able to get a Southern-style or BBQ-inspired pizza here alongside a White Pizza, a Deep Dish pie, or a thin crust pizza. Grandma Pizza is the most common pizza style in this area and soft and fluffy crusts with homemade sauces are standard fare here in this city. You will find that the square-cut classic pies that are on offer here are better than what you can get almost anywhere else.

Homemade pizzas that are filling and delicious are easy to order off many of the menus in Metuchen. You can enjoy the kind of pizza that you have always dreamed of trying out when you visit Metuchen and you will love every single kind of pizza that you order here. There is a lot to love about this location and you can enjoy many delicious pizza styles in town when you visit Metuchen.

Best Delivery Pizza in Metuchen

Antonio's Brik Oven Pizza makes amazing pizza and also offers sides and starters like New Zealand Mussels and garlic bread. Their square-cut Sicilian pizza is delicious and you can build your own Grandma pie here as well. There is a huge list of specialty pizzas here like the Eggplant Parm pizza or the Spaghetti-inspired pie. They also make White Pizzas and Deep Dish pizzas that are authentic and just as good as what you can get in the city.

They make stromboli and calzone here as well and offer delicious salads that you can add to your order. This is a great place to get nearly every style of pizza and you will love everything that you try out off their menu. They offer a full range of desserts and even make gluten-free desserts for your enjoyment.

Best Takeout Pizza in Metuchen

L&L Pizza & Pasta New York Style offers a full range of New York-style slices and pies and you can also get Grandma Pizza and unique items like Lasagna pizza here. This is a comfort food location that offers the best takeout in town for any taste preference. Their White Pizzas and Creamy Spinach pizza are really excellent and they also make great BBQ-style pizzas if you love Southern-style comfort food.

This location makes yummy sides like onion rings and fries, or you can get pizza by the slice if you are not ordering for a large group or can’t store leftovers. This is a great place to pick up takeout for lunch as well as for dinner and you can trust your order to be made perfectly and be ready to pick up when you need it.

Best Pizza Near Metuchen

Fords, NJ

Angelo’s Pizza offers everything from amazing Sicilian pies to White Pizzas and good gluten-free crusts. You will be able to build your own pie here or you can choose from their extensive list of gourmet pizzas. This is a great location to get a filling meal with the best ingredients for any taste preference. You can get traditional pizza of all kinds on their menu and you can get takeout or delivery from this location. You will not be sorry that you chose this delicious restaurant for your pizza dinner when you are in Fords.

Edison, NJ

Francesco's Pizzeria & Restaurant makes amazing Sicilian pies and you can get veggie and meat lover’s varieties for your enjoyment here with ease. They offer many amazing Grandma pizzas on the menu here and you will love the deliciousness of this home-baked treat that is hard to find anywhere else. Their fried calamari pizza is excellent as well and you can get a great Cheesesteak Pizza here too. This is an excellent menu for filling meals that are based on traditional recipes.

South Plainfield, NJ

Carmen’s Trattoria offers amazing local favorites on their specialty menu like their Cheese Steak Pizza and the Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza. They also make a delicious square-cut Sicilian pie and a really delicious veggie lover pizza. Their list of appetizers is extensive and includes seafood as well as Italian favorites and comfort food items. They also offer delightful soups and salads so that you can add really good sides to your order. This is a delicious menu that will offer something for every taste preference.

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