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The best pizza in South Orange: a local guide

South Orange is a beautiful place to visit or call home in New Jersey. It’s also called the Township of South Orange Village. You will find several world-class restaurants, shops, and parks to frequent. The town is popular with tourists for the many varieties of architecture you can view in such a small area. They have Victorian, Colonial, and Tudor-style homes. From a culinary perspective, the town is known for New Jersey-style pizza, hoagies, and hot dogs. New Jersey-style tomato pie is available in many of South Orange’s pizzerias. Pizza has been a local cuisine since the early 20th century when Italian immigrants relocated to New Jersey and started serving their traditional dishes. The dish was so delicious that by the mid 20th century, it was already in South Orange, and now, it’s found everywhere. Food lovers can attend the nearby Seton Village Food Truck Festival. Just make sure you get the pizza!

South Orange is Known for New Jersey-style Pizza

If there is a place where pizza is famous, it's New Jersey, and that's why it has a pizza style developed in 1910 by Joe's Tomato Pie. The New Jersey-style pizza, also known as Trenton tomato pie, was first served in Trenton, New Jersey, and by the mid 20th century, it was famous in South Orange. Nowadays, you will find several pizzerias in South Orange serving scrumptious Trenton tomato pies, available for dining in, takeout, or delivery. This style of pizza has some attributes taken from other pizza styles, such as Italian tomato pie, and it has roots in Sicily, Italy. However, its toppings are arranged differently, starting with mozzarella cheese and other toppings then tomato sauce at the top. Italian tomato pie has a thick square crust, while Trenton tomato pie has a thinner circular crust. New Jersey-style pizza uses a special sauce prepared with oregano, tomato, and basil. You can enjoy the Trenton tomato pie when it's cool at room temperature.

Best Delivery Pizza in South Orange

Gaslight Brewery & Restaurant is a megastar pizzeria in South Orange serving different Italian delicacies. The family-owned and managed restaurant makes delectable dishes and handcrafted lagers. The restaurant only uses prime ingredients to prepare its beers and food. Have a refreshing Boylan Creamy Red Birch Beer or Saranac Rootbeer when you’re waiting for your takeout order. You’ll have to drink pretty fast, though; the orders come out quickly. For a delivery order from Gaslight Brewery, you have to start with your pizza selection. The locals recommend trying the restaurant’s namesake pizza: the Gaslight. It has crumbled blue cheese and mozzarella, buffalo sauce, and perfectly seasoned chicken. Other than the Gaslight Pizza, they encourage you to customize either the standard plain cheese pizza or the Old World Pie, which has Parmigiano-Reggiano and fresh mozzarella. After you’ve made the difficult pizza choice, head to the appetizer section for Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes or Cilantro Shrimp. The Apple Streudel and Key Lime Pie are decadent desserts - why not get both?

Best Takeout Pizza in South Orange

For years, Pirates Pizza has served South Orange residents and visitors mouth-watering pizza and other treats. The pizzeria always has pizza slices ready for takeout, but you can also request them to prepare your order as you wait. Surprise your family with a tasty Margherita Pizza with tempting toppings such as tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella. You can also opt for the Chicken Alfredo Pizza or the Supreme Combination Pizza, with both veggies and meat. Give yourself lots of time to peruse the long list of Pirates’ gourmet pizzas. Remember, a pizza dish always goes well with a fresh salad, and Pirates Pizza offers House Salads and Caesar Salads. The Chef’s Salad is a meal in itself. It has ham, turkey, and all the fixings. They have sandwiches, cold subs, burgers, and wraps for a quick and tasty lunch. Pirates Pizza is the perfect takeout spot with options for the whole family in South Orange.

Best Pizza Near South Orange


Maplewood is less than two miles from South Orange and is a perfect destination for gluten-free pizzas at Maplewood Pizza. The family-owned pizzeria serves the best gluten-free pizza in town made with fresh and homemade ingredients. Try delivery or takeout on Slice, or dine in if you have the time. Maplewood Pizza allows you to customize your Sicilian Cheese Pizza, and you can also try a Drunken Grandma Pizza. That’s a clever way of saying this pizza has Vodka sauce instead of the regular tomato.


Mecca Pizza Restaurant is a world-class pizzeria that serves delicious Italian dishes in Orange, just five miles northeast of South Orange. When visiting the town, make sure to savor their Veggie Special Pizza with six enticing veggie toppings. Now that’s a lot of flavor! If meat is your preference, the Meat Lovers Pizza is your best bet. If you like a mix of meat and veggies, Mecca encourages you to create your own ideal pizza.


The drive from South Orange to Springfield only takes about 15 minutes, and it’s probably worth the trip just for TD Pizza. Famous for its New York-style pizza, they provide excellent friendly service and pride themselves on their extensive menu. TD Pizza has over 15 pizza combinations to choose from, and you can also customize their gluten-free crust. Don’t forget to request a side of sausage or sautéed broccoli rabe. TD pizza also serves heavenly Ham and Cheese subs for a hearty snack or a quick lunch.

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