Top Pizza Restaurants in Union, NJ in 2024 Near You

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After pizza came to New York, it quickly spread to New Jersey. In this state, the oldest standing pizzeria is Papa’s Tomato Pies. The pizzeria was first opened back in 1912- making it the oldest family-operated pizza shop in the U.S.

In Union, you will have access to a variety of pizza shops. Some of the favorites among locals offer Grandma pizza, tomato pies, and New York-style slices. Since many people travel back and forth between New Jersey and New York, plenty of styles have similarities.

Union is known for its Annual Food Truck Festival and Inflatable Village. At this event, you will find plenty of food trucks, with lots of choices for thin, New York style pizza slices. The thin crust is perfect for folding in half and eating on the go.

Overall, you can find many unique and local pizzerias that serve delicious pies in Union!

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The best pizza in Union: a local guide

If you live in Union, you likely have already tried Grandma pizza. Grandma pizzas are usually a square pie that is baked in a pan immediately. You do not allow the dough to rise, otherwise it would become a Sicilian pizza. With a Grandma pizza, the cheese also goes on the crust before the sauce.

This style of pizza originates in Long Island, New York. They are cooked similarly to how Italian women would cook their pizzas at home when they did not have a special oven. The style gets its name from the homemade cooking process, without many tools.

If you enjoy thin crusts, you will love the local Grandma pizzas. They are delicious and always made fresh in local shops. Union has a variety of styles available for you to try, so do not hesitate to branch out and eat something new!

Best Delivery Pizza in Union

The fastest pizza delivery in Union would have to be the Brooklyn Pizza shop on Stuyvesant Ave. The pizzeria is always very prompt with their customer’s orders. You can expect your delivery to arrive hot, fresh, and ready to eat.

Brooklyn Pizza has a large menu full of different New York-style pizzas, pastas, and wings. They also are always upgrading their menu- their newest options are the Romeo and Juliet and a Nutella pizza. Both are sweet and make a perfect treat!

Locals enjoy this restaurant a lot. The atmosphere is laid back and you receive your orders quickly. Many love the crust and describe it as being crispy and delicious. Many tourists can easily miss the building since it blends into the downtown surroundings. However, you will not have to worry about that with delivery. Try them today!

Best Takeout Pizza in Union

If you are searching for a great takeout Grandma pizza, then Johnny Napkins can make it for you. The store also has popular buffalo jumbo wings and even penne vodka pasta. You can find plenty of unique, delicious options here for lunch. They prepare your food quickly, making it a wonderful option for takeout.

Many customers feel that the staff are friendly and helpful, and always do their best to provide excellent service. Plus, they also say that their pizza dough is amazing. The crust is always soft, yet crunchy. If you live in the area, you will want to try out Johnny Napkins when you can.

Overall, this pizzeria is the best option for takeout in Union. They serve all sorts of pizzas and pastas, and you have access to a ton of toppings. All of their menu items are unique and delicious too.

Best Pizza Near Union


Hillside is less than 10 minutes away from Union, making it the perfect spot to get out of town for some pizza. You will want to try M & M Restaurant & Pizzeria. They make their pizzas in a wood-burning oven, which gives their thin crust a crispy and crunchy texture. The restaurant also uses tomatoes from Italy to make their sauces.

Roselle Park

Joe’s Rotisseria has plenty of unique options for their pizzas. One of the most interesting is the vodka pizza half chicken parm. Customers love the Italian dishes they serve, plus they feel that the portion sizes are great. You receive a lot of food for the prices you pay. Many of their customers also love the garlic knot crust you can to your orders.


Maplewood is another location very close to Union. Arturos Osteria & Pizzeria is a delicious sit-down restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere. They serve a variety of Italian dishes and have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options for their pizzas. The staff wood-fire their pizzas and locally source their food, so the options they have will change often.

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