Top Pizza Restaurants in Woodbridge, NJ Near You

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The best pizza in Woodbridge: a local guide

Trenton Tomato Pie comes from one of the oldest pizzerias still found in New Jersey, Papa’s Tomato Pies. This restaurant opened in 1912 in the area of Trenton. And though they have moved in the past few years, they are still one of the oldest family-owned pizzerias in the area.

Trenton Tomato Pie is a unique pizza that has the cheese, as well as other toppings, put under the sauce, rather than on top like a traditional pizza. It also includes some mozzarella cheese and a thin crust so everyone can enjoy it!

Since that time, other establishments in the area decided to jump on board and sell this pizza as well. Some have included their own unique take on the pizza, adding different ingredients to the top. But to get the best one area, then Papa’s Tomato Pies is the place to visit.

Best Delivery Pizza in Woodbridge

Presto! Pizza is a great option when you need something that is good and tasty to enjoy while at home. Sometimes life is too busy and the idea of cooking a meal at home can be a challenge. This is where delivery can come into play.

The atmosphere is casual here, with customers expected to seat themselves when they walk through the door. But when you choose to do delivery, you will get a fresh pizza that tastes amazing and has way more toppings than should be allowed.

When you think about pizza from Presto! Pizza, get ready to be amazed. Their pizzas look just like you would imagine from stock images of the food. And the taste is even better. No matter the type of pizza you are craving, Presto! Pizza has some of the best options to help you feed your family.

Best Takeout Pizza in Woodbridge

When you need to grab something on the way home from work, then Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is a good option to go with. They provide delicious hand-crafted pizzas and other entrees that are sure to please even the pickiest eater in your family.

One specialty that is popular at this location if you go in for your takeout is that they give out dough for families to make some of their own pizzas at home. This can be a fun little project, allowing you to have the pizza fresh the moment you get home, without having it cool down on the way.

For a fun and simple atmosphere and pizza that can’t be compared anywhere else, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is the place to visit!

Best Pizza Near Woodbridge


Lucia’s Pizzeria is the place to be if you are in Carteret and need something for lunch or supper. This is an inviting and delicious place to stop by, especially if you like to support local businesses. They add plenty of toppings to each pizza, providing you with something that everyone in the family is certain to love.


Colonia Pizza serves the best pizza in Colonia, NJ. They have great pizza, along with some tasty sandwiches for lunch when you are in a hurry. One of their specialties is the Cheesesteak sandwich if you would like something to go with the pizza you are bringing home as well. There are many great pizza options for those who are looking to bring something home for supper that night.

Boynton Beach

Danny’s Pizza Kitchen is a great place to get the pizza you need when traveling to nearby locations. Their pizzas are truly works of art that you will fall in love with in no time. From a Vegetarian Delight, Hawaiian, or any other unique mixture, you are sure to find it here. They also have some unique salad and pasta options when you are looking for something different.

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