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Grove City, a suburb of Columbus, is the epicenter of family fun in the area. It’s a wonderful place for young families with movie theaters, fun parks, and tons of restaurants. Although the population has grown steadily from its original 50 residents, it remains a quiet and safe place to live and visit. With a lovely small-town feel and historic buildings, there’s something for everyone here. In 1963, Zamarelli's Pizza Palace was opened in Grove City by a young American who had inherited his mother's Italian recipes. Having moved to Ohio as a college student, he never returned to his native Pennsylvania, and he continued to serve fantastic Italian dishes. His establishment is a family name that still resonates with the present-day pie culture in Grove City. It’s no surprise to learn that Grove City loves a good pizza. For over a decade in Grove City, several pizza restaurants have competed for the coveted best pizzeria award in the annual Best of the 'Bus publication. Visitors and locals can also take part in the annual Grove City Pizza Trek. This is one of the best ways to discover all the great pizza options the city offers.

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Grove City is Known For Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

As evident in their choice of pizza, you can say that Grove City has a great palate. Undoubtedly, Chicago deep-dish pizza is the city's favorite. Invented in Chicago in the early 1940s, there is some controversy over the actual inventor. It’s likely one of three individuals, and no matter who created it, the pizza world is grateful! This pizza is commonly called deep-dish due to its cooking style. It is made by baking the pizza dough in a round iron or steel pan, giving it a distinctively high edge. The thick Chicago-style pizza is known for the large amounts of cheese and tomato sauce that it bears. However, while deep-dish pizza dons a very bulky appearance, its crust is usually between thin to medium in thickness. The pizza crust is first covered in mozzarella cheese before it is topped by different meat varieties such as sausage or pepperoni. Veggie toppings are typical, too.

Best Pizza Delivery in Grove City

In Grove City, there are many reasons why Romeo's Pizza is admired. While the taste of their delightful pizza is one, the quality of their delivery service is another. They have received awards as the Best Pizza in the Midwest, so it's no surprise that Romeo's Pizza is a top choice in Grove City. From their name, you can easily guess that pizza is Romeo's specialty. Go ahead and pick your favorite from the endless options. If you wish, you can create your pizza from scratch, finishing it with all the toppings you want. Romeo's menu is not bereft of other wonderful options, in addition to pizza. In fact, their salads and boneless wings may be too good for you to ignore after a try. You can’t go wrong with an order from Romeo's Pizza, as their timely service and tasty meals never disappoint.

Best Pizza Takeout in Grove City

In Grove City, only one pizza restaurant is famous for the rectangular Detroit-style pizza - Jet's Pizza. Another quality they possess is excellent takeout service. How easily they relate with their customers will exceed your expectations. So, if you want to pick the best pizza in town without hassles, Jet's Pizza is your best bet. The restaurant's menu is filled with a huge selection of pizza options. Undoubtedly, you will be swooned by Jet's deep-dish, but the traditional hand-tossed New York-style pizzas are also a solid bet. With over ten different specialties to choose from, these yummy pies are made even better by the restaurant's tangy sauce - it's one of a kind. Don’t forget the dipping sauce, either. Add a side of ranch, BBQ, or blue cheese to dip your crusts. If you dive deeper into the menu, you’ll find other delicacies such as subs, salads, and deli boats. If you don’t add the Chocolate Chip Brownie to your order for dessert, you might regret it.

Best Pizza Near Grove City


Flyers Pizza in Galloway is a fantastic place to satisfy your pizza needs in a small town. The pizzeria is casual, and its main focus is food. The service is quick for takeout, and the pizza is so good, you’ll definitely be back. They do gluten-free pizza, and the ‘Bomber’ Pizza is loaded up with toppings, like provolone, ham, sausage, and crisp veggies. The wings or a salad are the ideal accompaniment to any of their pizzas.


London, about 20 miles from Grove City, is a city with a rich history in arts and culture, which helps promote diversity amongst the locals. If you are attending the popular London Rhythm & Ribs Festival, you might want to grab a pizza slice to go with the music. Cappy's Pizza will help you with that. Try the Archie Bunker ‘Meathead Special’ Pizza with five kinds of meat. They feign apologies and say there is no room on the pizza for veggies. While pizza is Cappy’s specialty, their calzones and salads are just as tasty.


Columbus is Ohio's capital, which explains why it is the most populous city in the state. Considering the overall growth the city has seen, it's no surprise that sports, arts, and culture have also morphed over the years. What better way to enjoy the city’s buzz than with a pizza slice in hand? Place your order from Buckeye Pizza & Stromboli, and you’re sure to be satisfied. Aside from pizza and strombolis, they have excellent appetizers and wings that make the perfect side dish.


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