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The best pizza in Kettering: a local guide

Kettering is a city partially situated in both Montgomery and Greene counties. Being named for the inventor Charles F. Kettering, it has become a relatively populous suburb of metropolitan Dayton. The area was predominantly occupied by farmlands when it was first settled. But several manufacturing industries were set up in the region during the turn of the century. A large population of Italian immigrants moved to Ohio to work as farmhands and construction workers in the 1900s. They were pretty committed to maintaining their traditions and preserving their heritage in a foreign state back in those days. Food became a very integral part of the Italian American experience. These ex-pats started opening several different businesses, and restaurants were a way to preserve traditional culinary tastes. A large population of ex-pats of eastern European and Italian descent had gathered in the adjoining areas of Kettering. But since the 1980s, as construction and manufacturing jobs started to move out of the state, the population of Kettering has begun to dwindle. Still, this suburb has its charms with an aging demographic and a rich historical pedigree.

Kettering is Known for Thick Crust Pizza

Kettering is famous for its Thick Crust Pizzas. Their pizza has a thick doughy base which has been allowed to rise. Topped with an assortment of cheeses and velvety tomato sauce, pizzas in Kettering are identifiable by their distinctly caramelized edges. Several different culinary influences have marked local pizza. Most authentic pizza joints have a brick, firewood burning oven that often slightly chars the aerated crust. In addition to traditional pizzas made with ingredients sourced fresh from local farms, several Tex-Mex flavors are also quite popular at pizza joints in Kettering. Toppings such as smoked and pulled meats and banana peppers are typical across pizza menus, indicating significant Tex-Mex influences on their cuisine. Several establishments are known to stuff the thick edges with cheese and sausage, making their pizzas even more decadent.

Best Delivery Pizza in Kettering

Dayton Street Eats is arguably the best pizza spot in Kettering that also offers curbside pickup service and free delivery. Located on Bigger Rd, they have a comprehensive pizza menu. Delivery is timely and efficient, while the sitting area is rustic and reminiscent of traditional New York delis. Their child-friendly items such as pizza fritters and chicken fingers are delicious. Being a family-owned local restaurant, their passion and zeal are evident in the heavenly taste of their culinary masterpieces. Their Cinnamon Sugar Fritters, Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich, and Fried Pepper Jack Cubes are worthy of notable mention as well. If you are looking for the best takeout services, try ordering with Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Kettering

Cousin Vinny's Pizza on Whip Road serves the town's most delectable thick crust and pan-seared pizzas. Despite being thick, their dough is never too dense. Its characteristic flakiness allows it to break down in the mouth immediately. They offer several cheesy toppings, including ricotta, feta, and mozzarella. They had a wide assortment of menu items, making it a trendy spot for the townsfolk. In addition to their famous Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Pizza, their Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Cheese Bread are pretty good as well. Their food retains its freshness and warmth even if you get it delivered to your doorstep. Denizens have been talking online about their excellent reception and food service. The genuinely heartwarming smiles of the staff and lively ambiance of the seating area make it a perfect hangout spot for friends or family gatherings. You can order your pizza and other Italian staples through Slice to get the fastest delivery in the area.

Best Pizza Near Kettering


Located on 5th St, Dayton, off Shroyer Rd, about six miles north of Kettering, is a magnificent pizza place named Oregon Express. This pizza place has acquired legendary status due to its great flavors and brilliant execution. Ample patio seating and a traditional Italian interior offer a great dining experience. Their Sriracha Pizza and Mushroom Swiss Burger are their most ordered items. Try typing with Slice for the best services.


Bellbrook is a town in the east of Kettering. The overall demographics and culinary influences of these cities are pretty similar. Verona's pizza is considered one of the best pizza places in this area. The customizable nature of their menu, overall variety in flavors, and most importantly, affordable prices make it a trendy spot. Their Veggie Lover's Pizza with Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, spinach, and black olives are utterly delectable. Try ordering with Slice for the best services.


Centerville borders Kettering to the south. For several years now, Bravo! Italian Kitchen has been considered the best pizza place in town. With its gourmet menu and exotic choices for toppings, this Pizzeria has become a must-eat spot for food connoisseurs. Other than delectable pizzas, their Lobster Bisque Soup Pasta, Woozie Pasta, and Caramel Mascarpone Cheesecake are pretty famous as well. Try ordering with Slice for the best services.

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