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While the Spanish were the first Europeans to encounter the area where Cleveland was founded, they didn't stay for long. Other settlers also tried to set up homes in the lands belonging to the native Cherokee tribe, but failed. That was something that changed drastically after the then-president passed a law to permit the eviction of the indigenous occupants from the territories. The new residents of the territories began to farm as well as mine the lands and Cleveland grew from a minor settlement to become a sizable town in less than a decade. It gradually attracted more and more manufacturers who established factories there and its boom era began. Textiles, paper, aircraft parts, and chemicals went into mass production and the favorable employment conditions drew floods of migrant workers. Migrants of Italian nationality formed part of the migration wave and while most were employed in the factories some set up their own businesses to sell pizza to Cleveland's hungry population.

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Cleveland in Tennessee is known for thick crust pizza

While Cleveland is becoming known for thick crust pizza there's a lot of variation to be found on the menus of the city's pizzeria. That's great if you're a pizza chef in a Cleveland pizzeria as you won't spend your entire shift making the same pie time and time again. It does mean it might take you longer to decide what you want to eat, but a surplus of choice is never a bad thing. If you do go for a thick crust you'll know you'll get a traditional pizza with a hearty base smothered in that herby tomato sauce that works so well with melted cheese. It's a classic combination of ingredients that has been wowing consumers for years no matter what form it’s served in. It might not be Michelin star-rated food, but with a few extra toppings added, a thick crust pizza makes for a substantial and flavorsome meal that's hard to beat.

Best delivery pizza in Cleveland, Tennessee

Order your pie from 1000 Degrees Pizza, Salad & Wings when you want to guarantee you get the best delivery pizza in Cleveland. This pizzeria that's located on Frontage Road NW is consistent when it comes to dispatching quality pizzas and their service is rapid too. That's mainly because they have a whole team of chefs, not just one guy, behind their kitchen counter and they're so well-practiced at what they do they knock out pizzas like clockwork.

1000 Degrees Pizza, Salad & Wings premises are smart and modern inside and out with an open plan kitchen where the chefs work in full view of drop-in customers. Where does the name come from? 1000 Degrees Pizza, Salad & Wings bake their pies in an oven set at, yes, you guessed it, 1000°. It's a cooking process that takes seconds rather than minutes so you won't be left hanging around waiting for your order to arrive.

Best takeout pizza in Cleveland, Tennessee

If you're studying there or have been visiting Lee University, you're within walking distance of the pizzeria where you can get the best take-out pizza in Cleveland. Gabriel's Pizza is on Keith Street NW and while a first glance of the premises might make you decide to keep searching for a restaurant, it would be a mistake if you did. Inside the white-painted building housing Gabriel's is a homely dining hall with a feel of the Wild West about it even though there's not a cowboy in sight. The bare brick walls are used as an art gallery and display work from local artists so there's plenty to keep you busy while your pizza order is baking. No food at Gabriel's is pre-prepared but it won't take long for your pie to appear and you can be on your way. That's if you haven't decided to take a table and eat in instead. If you had, it wouldn't be surprising.

Best pizza near Cleveland, Tennessee

Summer Haven

Summer Haven is the place to head for when you need some diversion. Only fifteen miles west of Cleveland, this city is practically surrounded by the waters of Harrison Bay and Long Savannah Creek. There are a couple of state parks on the coastline too so it's the ideal spot for outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, or kayaking. For something completely different though, get spooked at the Haunted Hilltop before picking up a pizza from the Dockside Cafe.


If you want to get out of Cleveland and monkey around for a while, jump in your car and drive the thirty miles to Dayton. Visit the Scopes Trial Museum then have a wander around the Laurel-Snow State Natural Area and if the weather is in your favor, take a dip in the swimming holes there. When you're hungry, you can have a literary lunch if you grab a table at 1st Avenue Pizza and Books, a pizzeria combined with a book store.

Soddy Daisy

Make the thirty-five-minute drive from Cleveland to Soddy Daisy and you'll be in the right place for a proper outdoor adventure. Soddy Daisy is bordered by the North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Park where there are some amazing trails winding through deep ravines and forests, and by streams and waterfalls. It's a superb place to escape to for a while and to build up an appetite for a blow-out pizza dinner at Ricko's Pizzeria and Italian Cuisine in nearby Dayton Pike.


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