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The best pizza in Jackson: a local guide

Jackson is known for thick crust pizza, that super tasty traditional Italian bake that has been wowing people's taste buds and filling empty stomachs for what seems like forever. Even without any additional topping ingredients added to the basic recipe, thick crust is one of the best pizzas you can get. They know just how to bake thick crust pizzas in Jackson so they maintain their original authenticity while bringing them in line with modern taste. There is one Jackson pizzeria that likes to buck the thick crust trend a little though and prepares theirs Detroit-style, which is thicker than normal and square rather than round. Whichever type of thick crust you have a preference for, you'll find they're all good bakes in Jackson.

Best delivery pizza in Jackson, Tennessee

To get the best delivery pizza in Jackson, or anywhere else come to that, it's always best to order from a pizzeria near your home. When you do that it means the pizza has a great chance of arriving at your door in optimum eating condition, which is exactly what you want. To get the best delivery pizza in Jackson you should order from Jet's Pizza who apart from being highly rated for their pizza baking have two pizza joints in Jackson. Jet's Pizza's premises are located on Oil Well Road and in Chloe Place. Both pizzerias have the same menu so don't think you're missing out by using one rather than the other. Jet Pizza's house pizza comes Detroit-style so is a square tray-bake that they prepare in a variety of sizes. They also offer hand-tossed round pies as well which are ideal if you're dining alone.

Best takeout pizza in Jackson, Tennessee

If you're hungry for pizza after finishing a round of golf at the Jackson Country Club or after visiting the Casey Jones Home and Railway Museum, you won't need to go into town to find one. You can get the best take-out pizza in Jackson from the Picasso Bistro and Pizzeria on Stonebridge Boulevard. The Picasso Bistro and Pizzeria is located right by the parking lot of the Towne Center North shopping complex so is easy enough to find. It's a Jackson pizzeria that has a real Italian feel to it as you'll notice when you walk through the door. What makes it even better is the fact they bake all of their pizzas in a wood-fired oven and you can't get much more authentic pizza making than that.

Best pizza near Jackson, Tennessee


Henderson is around a twenty-mile drive south of Jackson and not the best of places to head for as there's not a lot to do in the city itself. It is worth going in that direction though just so you can stop off at the Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Site on the way. After you've been there, detour around Henderson and head for the Chickasaw State Park where you’ll find almost one-thousand five-hundred acres of stunning countryside, at the center of which is Chickasaw Lake. There's a four-mile-long network of hiking and biking trails to explore, plus the lake to go boating or fishing in. If you haven't got a craft you can hire a rowboat or pedalo for a couple of hours before heading for a pizza at Amazing Pizza and Wings on West Main Street.


Brownsville is a straight drive twenty-seven miles east of Jackson and a place with an interesting diversity of things to do. While she may now have Swiss citizenship, Brownsville is the birthplace of Tina Turner and there you can visit the West Delta Heritage Center which houses the Tina Turner Museum. Before you head to the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge to see the beauty of nature, don't skip passing by Billy Trips Mindfield, an outdoor sculpture park, to see the legacy left on the face of the earth by man. Ponder the difference between the two over a pizza at Milano's Pizza in South Court Square where, according to their reviews, young Tom Cruise makes the best pizzas.


If you want to introduce the kids to some wildlife go to Clarksburg and you'll have two choices how to do it. The first is to go into the Natchez Trace State Park and Forest and hope you'll get lucky and spot something worthwhile. The second option you have is to take the kids to the Southland Wildlife Park where they'll definitely see some animals. You'll get to take a break from driving at the park as tours of the enclosure are done in open-topped jeeps with a driver-guide. The animals homed at the park include ibex, giraffes, zebras, tapirs, and lemurs to name just a few. After you've seen them all the kids will enjoy eating pizza at Scott's Pizza and Kitchen in East Court Square.

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