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The best pizza in Clarksville: a local guide

New York-style pizza is arguably the most popular in the United States and is regarded by many pizza chefs and fans as the best. It is defined by a thin, flavorful and durable crust. When you hold a proper New York-style pizza, the foundation feels firm, no matter the weight of its toppings. New York-style pizza may be the most prominent in Clarksville, but it doesn’t mean the pizza joints in Clarksville do not serve other styles of pizza. Clarksville has a lot of amazing choices available, from local pizzerias to fancy restaurants. They all offer a wide range of pizza styles, from New York-style pies to Sicilian or Neapolitan pies. Whether you want to judge which pizza is more authentic or suited to satisfy your cravings better, sinking your teeth into a pizza slice will do you a lot of good. There is something for everybody in Clarksville, so put on your shoes and explore the city at any of these excellent pizza spots.

Best Delivery Pizza in Clarksville

Tarboosh Mediterranean Cuisine, serving the highest quality authentic Mediterranean food, definitely ranks very high on the list of the best pizza in Clarksville. Tarboosh Mediterranean Cuisine tosses up authentic pizza. Their ingredients are the freshest, and you can taste it in just one bite. If you want a bite of Mediterranean grub and atmosphere, Tarboosh Mediterranean Cuisine is a must-visit on your Clarksville pizza crawl. Tarboosh Mediterranean Cuisine takes the tradition of pizza very seriously with creative pizza options. Their toppings feature seasonal ingredients that are delicious and healthy. You can find options like cheese, pepperoni, zucchini, and bacon. Craving some BBQ Chicken or Roma Italian Pizza? Tarboosh Mediterranean Cuisine is the place to go. They also offer great tea and cocktails selections to complement your food. Apart from delivery, they offer dine-in and takeout service options.

Best Takeout Pizza in Clarksville

Cicis Pizza’s pizzas are built on an organic base of handmade dough from carefully selected local ingredients. Cicis Pizza was built around the idea of bringing affordable traditional crust, deep dish, and stuffed crust pizza to Clarksville. It is a pizzeria with traditional pizza flavors like margarita pizza, barbecue, and pepperoni. Their pies have the perfect amount of toppings you can choose from to go along with them. If you like your pizza fresh and hot with the perfect amount of crisp, you will absolutely love how Cicis Pizza prepares them to perfection. They also have vegan-friendly pizza options that are equally delicious. Cicis Pizza is the perfect destination for a night out with friends and family. It is very family-friendly and has a kids’ menu as well. If you’re looking for authentic, tasty pizza, take a trip to Cicis Pizza, and you’ll indeed have a wonderful time!

Best Pizza near Clarksville

Oak Grove

Oak Grove is a city adjacent to the Fort Campbell army location base in Kentucky and is part of the Clarksville, Tennessee metropolitan area. Luigi’s Pizza features tasty pizzas, wings & pasta, plus beverages in a casual, low-key atmosphere. Add a stacked menu of excellent pasta dishes to the lovely varieties of pizza, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to visit.


Charlotte is a town about 26 miles away from Clarksville. Jonah’s Pizza features a complex recipe that goes through thorough proofing and the best selection of healthy ingredients. They have been serving up some of the best mouth-watering pizza and calzones in the area since 2018. Although this pizzeria is one of the newest in the area, they are not short of the old-school feel. Their pizza is famous not only for its overall deliciousness but for its incredible textures and amazing flavors.


Guthrie is a small town in Kentucky with a total area of about two square miles. Already known for their proficiency with dough at Tiny Town Pizza & Subs, the owners and staff of this amazing pizzeria still work hard daily to take their food and exceptional service to the next level. They offer an incredible selection of Italian and American food. Tiny Town Pizza & Subs is a go-to pizza joint if you’re in the area during lunch or dinner time.

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