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The best pizza in Federal Way: a local guide

Thin crust pizza is good for many things. It’s dependable and simple, making it perfect for chefs to get the details right. It’s a great way to showcase the quality of the ingredients and perfect textures resulting from the perfect bake. Thin-crust pizza is also the ideal canvas for adventurous chefs to create exciting and mindful pizzas.

Because the people in Federal Way live active lifestyles, they tend to focus on gluten-free and veggie pizzas. Generally, these are all thin-crusts because the simple and dependable style allows chefs to focus on these additional details. The Federal Way culinary scene has a multicultural flair, so it’s not uncommon to find pizzas inspired by everything from Indian to Mexican cuisine. These pizzas are, more often than not, thin-crust.

While thin-crust pizza might seem like the least interesting pizza style to some, the pizzerias around Federal Way have put forth some of the most enticing examples of pizza you will ever find.

Best Delivery Pizza in Federal Way

The chefs at Can Am Pizza focus on a menu of specialty pizzas that will satisfy just about every food craving. Because they understand their audience, the veggie pizza selection is substantial, with multiple options of classic veggie pizzas as well as their Indian-inspired meatless marvels.

Their full menu of East-Indian-inspired pizzas has the foodies in town raving about their Butter Paneer Masala Pizza that is vegetarian-friendly. Their Tandoori Chicken Pizza combines toppings marinated in their homemade Can Am Sauce and bakes it on their thin-crust dough to create a crispy, spice-forward concoction reminiscent of your favorite Indian restaurant.

If you’re getting lunch delivered, their calzones and oven-baked subs are perfect for a satisfying midday meal. Go classic with a Chicken-Bacon Parm Sub, or get adventurous with a Paneer Veggie Sub. All baked to melty, crispy perfection in Can Am’s oven.

Best Takeout Pizza in Federal Way

Pop’s Pizza & Pasta is a staple in downtown Federal Way. This pizza parlor focuses on classic flavors for their pies, as well as a full menu of pasta and authentic Italian entrees. Their Cariola and Pesto di Pollo pizzas use ingredients like pesto, prosciutto, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese to recreate timeless classics.

They have an expansive menu of gluten-free pizza options. Pop’s chefs definitely flex their creative muscles when choosing toppings that will excite the more adventurous diners in Federal Way. Tuna Melt Pizza? How about their VIva Mexico Pizza with chipotle-seasoned chicken breast and salsa? Pop’s has all your gluten-free needs covered.

Pop’s cooks a full menu of authentic pasta dishes. Their fettuccine game is dishes topped with everything ingredients like grilled chicken, pesto, a creamy alfredo sauce, fresh basil, and more. Their Spaghetti Bolognese has one of the most savory and filling meat sauces of any pasta in the area.

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Best Pizza Near Federal Way


Salamone’s is your quintessential neighborhood slice shop. They bake classic New York-style pizzas in an unassuming location. Order an entire pizza for the family, or just a slice (or two) if you’re on the go. The White Pizza has a ricotta sauce and mozzarella. It’s a crispy garlic-filled favorite that has opened up many locals to pizza outside your classic red-sauce variety. Further down the menu, you’ll find a well-curated list of specialty pies, all inspired by New York City.


Slice of Italy bakes classic pizzas and calzones right in nearby Kent. This is a classic that both purists and foodies alike enjoy. Their headliner is the Once in a Blue Moon Pizza, which blends spicy marinara with pesto sauce and adds crumbled blue cheese, fresh basil, Roma tomatoes, and mozzarella. Add fried onions to experience the real deal. Or try their Golden Garlic Pizza for a pesto, garlic, artichoke heart, sundried tomato, and feta kick. The chefs at Slice of Italy know how to balance and combine flavors for pizza perfection.


BSN Pizza in Auburn has one of the more eclectic menus of specialty pizzas in the area. Indian-style Veggie Pizza is a local favorite that really brings the flavor. Teriyaki Pizza combines fresh vegetables with your favorite Asian sauce to bring out savory flavors and textures. Want something hearty? The Steak Pizza comes with red sauce, grilled skirt steak, and your favorite fresh veggies. This may sound crazy to order at an Italian restaurant but try the churros. They’re the best in the area.

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