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The best pizza in Kirkland: a local guide

Kirkland is and always has been all about the production of steel so it's not surprising that Kirkland is known for pan-baked pizza. Some pizza connoisseurs might argue that pan-baked pies are more Greek than Italian, but it's a groundless argument as pan-baked is a traditional method of baking pizza in Italy and has been for centuries. Pan-baked is in fact one of the best ways to cook pizzas when using a wood or coal-fired oven, as the metal helps protect the base of the pie from becoming charred while cooking. Baking a pizza in a pan doesn't affect the final flavor at all and once removed from the pan it's hard to tell it from a normal thick crust pie. A pan-baked may be a little deeper on occasion and is able to withstand extra helpings of toppings as the base is well supported, but once it's sliced, it tastes just like any other thick crust pizza.

Best delivery pizza in Kirkland, Washington

When you want the very best delivery pizza in Kirkland you need to make a call to a pizzeria that's located on Juanita Drive North East called Amante Pizza and Pasta. They really know all there is to know about baking pizzas and are fast on delivering too. Amante Pizza and Pasta is housed in a premises next to a gas station that looks like a converted factory unit. It's nothing special on the outside or inside come to that, but these guys prep, cook and send out pies as if they were conveyor belt operators. That said, don't expect a factory-produced type of pizza from them as theirs are all artisanal with great topping combinations. Check out their Muchacho which has taco meat, salsa, and jalapenos, or their Thai House Special with peanut sauce, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what they send you.

Best takeout pizza in Kirkland, Washington

If you've been making the most of Kirkland's Juanita Beach Park and have found yourself hungry and longing for a pizza, you're in luck. Less than a mile away is the pizzeria that bakes the best take-out pizza in Kirkland. Head for 124th Street North East, either in your car or on foot, and you'll find Romio's Pizza. Romio's Pizza occupies a large, glass-fronted premises that frequently has a Help Wanted poster stuck on the window, and sadly as far as exterior and interior décor is concerned, yes, they certainly do. What they don't need help with though is baking great pies, as that's something they have totally under control. Romio's offers a wide selection of topping combinations, which all sound very tempting, or you can create your own individual favorite and they'll bake that for you.

Best pizza near Kirkland, Washington


When you're tired of looking at Lake Washington, take a five-mile trip east from Kirkland to Redmond. Redmond sits on the northern tip of Lake Sammamish and is known as the bicycle capital of the north-west. Park the car and get on two wheels to cycle around the city's thirty-plus miles of cycle lanes. If that sounds just a little bit too energetic, head over to the Marymoor Velodrome instead and take a seat in the stands to watch the professional bike races or a cycle training session. When you've had enough of watching bikes going round in circles, head to Cleveland Street for a pizza at Zeek's.


Five miles south of Kirkland is Bellevue, another city on the shores of the expansive Lake Washington. It's a great place to go if you're into aviation history, flowers, or the arts. In Bellevue you can visit the Museum of Flight which has exhibits on both aircraft and spacecraft. The Bellevue Botanical Gardens are a delight of nature covering over fifty acres with endless different plant species. Go to the Bellevue Arts Museum and you can browse an incredible array of artworks in multiple genres. Whichever you choose to do, don't miss going to the Resonate Pizzeria and Brewery on 119th Avenue for a pizza and a craft beer.


Head east out of Kirkland over the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge and before you've gone twenty-five miles, you'll be in Seattle. You can't see it all on a day visit unless you go up the Space Needle to the observation deck five hundred feet above the ground. From there you can see just about all of the city as well as several of the mountains surrounding it and Puget Sound. The elevators shoot up at ten miles per hour which sounds slow until you're in them and your stomach drops to your knees. When you come back down to earth, go for a pizza at Serious Pie Downtown on 4th Avenue.

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