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The history of pizza in Olympia is not very storied. Pizza itself did not make its way into the hearts of Olympia until World War II, when the soldiers brought back their love of pizza from their tours in Italy. Olympia’s history began as tribal land, then was established for lumber and maritime commerce. It had no Italian heritage population, unlike its neighbor in the Mt. Ranier Valley, and later, Seattle. Though the capital of Washington, it did not become populated until after a connection to the railroad and the opening of Evergreen State College. This brought artists, musicians, and a new face for the city. Currently, Olympia is also known for their year-round farmers market and socially conscious community. Many restaurants and pizzerias in the area boast local and organic ingredients with renewable energy and recyclable waste. There are even fresh cheese markets to round off the freshness of the pizza. Whether you like stone fired, thin, organic, vegan, or traditional pizza, it is quite certain that you will enjoy a healthy pizza.

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The best pizza in Olympia: a local guide

The most predominant type of pizza in the Olympia area is brick fired pizza. Nearly every pizza establishment in Olympia offers some type that is prepared in a brick oven, as it is known to give a more authentic and more robust flavor. It also helps achieve the iconic bubbly outer crust and a center that is not too doughy but not too crispy either. Though each pizzeria tosses their crusts to achieve different levels of thickness, most of them end up the same way: going straight into the brick oven to be baked to perfection. Because the Pacific Northwest is notoriously progressive in terms of environmental and eco-friendly ways of life, many of their pizzas also feature organic, local, and incredibly fresh ingredients. They are also very open to catering to the needs of people who are vegetarian, vegan, or have other dietary restrictions. Because they are so close to Seattle, many clientele trickle over from that area to seek out traditional Olympia pizzas.

Best Delivery Pizza in Olympia

Italia Pizzeria is located near Capitol Lake and features an elegant brick façade and an industrial interior, complete with exposed ductwork and a kitchen that is on display. They offer a variety of pizzas with organic ingredients, along with salads, soups, and sandwiches. The prices are moderate, and some of their most popular dishes are the pear gorgonzola salad, pear blue cheese pizza, and lasagna. They are traditionally prepared in a New York or Sicilian style fashion, and their toppings extend far out towards the crust. The restaurant is casual and family friendly, and offers both delivery and takeout. They are also very environmentally-friendly, because they not only recycle produce waste, but also operate on Green Power. On the menu are many vegetarian and vegan options, and they make their own sodas in-house. The restaurant also offers private and banquet dining space, along with catering services for any sized event.

Best Takeout Pizza in Olympia

Wicked Pies Pizzeria lies within the Historic District near the water. It was formerly only a food truck in Seattle, but opened a storefront in 2018—however, the truck is still up and running around the city. The storefront is beautiful and clean and located on the bottom floor of a two-story townhome. Not only do they offer pre-made pizzas, but they also have pizza kits so that you can assemble your own at home with their fresh ingredients. Their pizza crusts are very thin with plenty of toppings, and you have the ability to customize them however you choose—they even have vegan cheese and gluten free pizza crusts available. Seasonal pizzas are very fresh and updated annually. Also on the menu are gourmet and house made sweets, sandwiches, and salads. Though storefront business is booming, their humble food truck still brings in a lot of sales while roaming the Olympia and Seattle areas.

Best Pizza Near Olympia


Farrelli’s Pizza and Pool Co. is located to the east of Pattison Lake and was the first restaurant to introduce wood fired pizza to the Puget area. It features a freshly painted façade and an expansive renovated dining room with a bar, TVs, booths, and table sitting, along with pool tables interspersed throughout. They have not only a massive pizza menu, but also another portion with salads, entrees, and more. Their most popular items are their National Award Winning pizza, called the Northwest Traditional, and their wood fired and Americana pizzas. Different crusts are available upon request as well, so there is no shortage of pizza options. Not only is this a reputable pizza establishment, people also come just for the bar, pool tables, and to watch sports on the TVs. Additionally, takeout and delivery are available, and all of these factors contribute to why this is such a famous establishment in the Lacey area.


Brewery City Pizza has locations in Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey. The first of the three, however, was opened in Tumwater. It has one of the largest delivery areas in the region, and it has been voted “Best Pizza in the South Sound” multiple times. It has a rather expansive menu that offers not only Italian food and pizzas, but also burgers, salads, and soup, with a multitude of vegetarian and vegan varieties available. For the meat eaters, their chicken carbonara pizza, chicken alfredo, and pepperoni pizza are some of the most popular menu items. They also offer weekly specials for people who are on a tighter budget, though their prices are at a moderate rate anyway. It is family friendly and casual as well, so people from all walks of life can enjoy their food. Their bar also has a great reputation and is a focal point inside the restaurant.


Pizza Casa is based just off of the Pacific Highway, and thus caters to a variety of clientele. It has been open for more than 50 years and has been family run throughout their generations. The storefront is simplistic, but not run down. The inside has low lighting and is narrow, but it provides the establishment with a cozy feel. The checkered tablecloths give it a truly authentic old-fashioned pizza parlor look, and the staff is supposed to be friendly and offer great service. Their thin crust pizzas are made with only the freshest ingredients and have over a dozen toppings to choose from. There are separate gluten free and low carb menus, plus they are very flexible and open to the needs of plant-based diets. Along with the pizza they offer soups, salads, pastas, and more. If you want a truly authentic Italian experience in Lakewood, this is definitely the place to go.

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