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The best pizza in Poulsbo: a local guide

Poulsbo is a fun little town that is located in Kitsap County. Originally a Native American settlement, this area was later populated by Norwegian people who moved into the area with Jorgen Eliason in 1880. This area offers a lot of really interesting cultural history for both groups as well as a melting-pot style of local food and shopping. This is a beautiful location near Puget Sound that is mostly populated by families these days.

You will be able to enjoy almost any kind of food and drink that you want in town and you can enjoy a hearty meal from many different places of the world when you visit. Being able to take a break from your sightseeing or adventuring to have a filling pizza at any of the really good pizza places in town is another great attraction for your visit. This is a beautiful area that offers lots of outdoor adventures as well as really good food for your enjoyment.

Poulsbo is Known for Classic Pizza

If you want a filling, traditional slice of pizza, this is the right place to visit. You will find that all the menus in town will offer you a build-your-own pizza on a fluffy and comforting crust. You can also get Italian-style toppings, house specials that are unique and excellent, and some really fun fusion-style pizzas in town. This is a well-rounded pizza location in many ways and you can also count on many of the locations in town to offer good gluten-free pizza alongside their comforting traditional slices.

This location offers a really nice balance of Northwest cuisine influences along with the excellent bread-baking traditions of Norwegian culture. This is classic pizza that is made Poulsbo style, and you will be able to find something for everyone on every menu in town. Whether you like a BBQ pizza or a Margherita-style pie, you can find them both alongside a vegetarian or keto option on most menus in town.

Best Delivery Pizza in Poulsbo

Poulsbo Woodfired Pizza is a great place to order delivery pizza from and you will be able to pick any of their classic pies like their The Works Pizza, or the Garlic & Olive Oil Pizza. They make really delightful gluten-free pizza here as well and you will want to save room for a taste of their herbivore or carnivore pizzas, depending on your preference. You might also want to keep their Cheesy Garlic Pesto Bread on your radar as it is just as good as the pizzas on the menu here.

This location also offers sandwiches and salads and some great sides and you can order additional dipping sauces with any order. This means that you can customize your order right down to the added sauces no matter what pizza you have chosen to have brought to you.

Best Takeout Pizza in Poulsbo

That’s a Some Italian Restaurant is a great place to get takeout when you are in Poulsbo. This location offers some really good Italian pastas and classic Italian favorites that are made with family recipes. This is a great place for a classic Italian pie as well as amazing sides and starters that are filling and traditional. Their bread offerings for sides and pizza crust are really delicious and you can trust that you will be able to find something for everyone on their extensive menu.

Their homemade Minestrone is excellent as well and you can add a yummy salad as a side. This is a really great place for classic Italian food as well as good pizza and you will never be left wanting when you order takeout from this restaurant.

Best Pizza Near Poulsbo

Seattle, WA

Sopranos Pizza & Pasta offers really great classic Sicilian and Italian pizzas as well as fusion-style offerings like BBQ-themed pizzas. Their Drunken Goat is really good and they make a really nice veggie pizza as well. This location also offers really good salads and sides and their menu is very extensive. There are so many pizza styles as well as so many additional plates that you can pick to eat here that you will never get bored with visiting this spot for pizza or sides.

Edmonds, WA

Portofino Restaurant & Bar The list of pizzas here is extensive and they have numbered most of them to make ordering really easy. You can get Italian and Sicilian slices here as well as classics like cheese and veggie and all of them are made on an excellent crust and show up piping hot to your table. Don’t miss out on their sides like their calamari or pizza rolls for an enjoyable start to your meal.

Bainbridge Island, WA

Bruciato offers really excellent Italian pizzas like a classic Margherita and their Dateri e Prosciutto Pizza. Their huge list of starters are all Italian classics and they make delightful desserts as well. There is no shortage of amazing things to say about this location and if you want really good Italian-style or Sicilian-inspired pizza, this is the right place to visit for your meal. There is no better location in this area to get access to some really classic Italian toppings and pairings for such a great price.

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