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The best pizza in Redmond: a local guide

Redmond was among the first towns to adopt the consumption of Italian dishes. By the 1960s, there were several pizzerias in the streets making some tasty New York-style pizza. The style came with New York visitors who found Redmond as their next place to settle and started offering their fantastic Italian cuisine to the public. A true New York-style pizza is a thin crust pizza topped with tomato sauce and cheese. It is flexible so that you can eat it folded - like a real New Yorker. When visiting Redmond, make sure you eat a New York-style pizza. Some like it in its authentic state topped with just cheese, or cheese and pepperoni. Add some additional toppings like onions, ham, green peppers, bacon, ground beef, and mushroom if you’re more daring. Maybe then you’ll understand what all the hype is about.

Best Delivery Pizza in Redmond

In business since 1999, Can Am Pizza is a family-owned and managed pizzeria in Redmond that offers a wide variety of pizza options such as New York-style and Indian-style pizzas. They have varieties of veggie and meaty pizza toppings, including red onions, green peppers, sliced tomatoes, bacon, feta, and mozzarella cheese. The B. D. C. Pizza stands for bacon double cheeseburger, which is one of their crowd-pleasing menu options. Can Am also serves dipping sauces, appetizers, pasta, and calzones. They use a brick oven for baking their pizza, so your pizza is cooked perfectly and evenly every time. The pizzeria sells its high-quality food at a reasonable price; you don’t have to worry about your food budget. The service is excellent here as well. For a flawless delivery experience, make Can Am your next choice in Redmond.

Best Takeout Pizza in Redmond

When trying to find the perfect restaurant to order a takeout pizza in Redmond, Romio’s Pizza and Pasta is the best place to consider. The prices here are reasonable, and your order will be ready in no time. You must try the Margherita Pizza from Romio’s. It has garlic, parmesan, tomatoes, and basil. Simple, yet delicious. You can also opt for something with an Indian flair by getting a mango lassi or adding paneer to your customizable pizza. Vegetarians will be more than pleased with the menu here. Select one of their Indian vegetarian pizzas, like the Shahi Paneer Pizza for the perfect combination of flavors. They also have a whole section devoted to vegetarian Italian pizza if that piques your interest. Romio’s prides itself on freshness. This applies to their pizzas and other offerings. They have a section for low carb meals if that’s your thing, as well as salads, calzones, and pasta. One meal at Romio’s Pizza and Pasta will have you coming back week after week.

Best Pizza Near Redmond


Kirkland is less than five miles west of Redmond and a perfect pizza spot here is Amante Pizza and Pasta. They have served Kirkland residents with mouth-watering pizzas for over 20 years. The pizzeria uses a wood-fired oven to make its pizzas get the proper taste. They also serve gluten-free meals, low-carb options, pasta dishes, and soups.


The town of Bellevue is located southwest of Redmond and is home to award-winning pizzerias offering delectable pizzas and other dishes. Shiraz Pizza and Pasta has served the locals with tasty Indian-style pizza for years, and it has become the best place to order a pizza. The pizzeria has a great collection of meals such as Indian specialties, calzones, and sandwiches.


You will travel just over ten miles northwest of Redmond to Bothell to enjoy classic Italian delicacies. Jet City Pizza is a new restaurant that has proved to be among the best restaurants in Washington State for its quality food and service. The pizzeria offers flavorful Italian and New York-style pizza, which are best-loved by the residents. The restaurant also serves bread, meat dishes, grinders, and salads.

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