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Rotten City Pizza

Rotten City Pizza

6613 Hollis St, Emeryville, CA 94608

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Rotten City Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

All our pies are 18 inches baked in the New York style. Sicilian crust pies, when available, are thicker & pan-baked. Our cheese blend is a mixture of mozzarella, provolone & parmigiano.

Pepperoni Pie

Tomato sauce - cheese blend, pepperoni.


Neapolitan Pie

Tomato sauce, cheese blend.


Calabrian Pie

Tomato sauce, cheese blend - housemade Italian sausage, Gaeta olives, Calabrian chilies, roasted fennel seeds.


Funghi Pie

Tomato sauce, cheese blend, roasted cremini mushrooms, fresh thyme, toasted garlic chips.


Salumi Pie

Tomato sauce, cheese blend, roasted cremini mushrooms, fresh thyme, toasted garlic chip"Salumi" refers to the world of Italian cured meats, not necessarily salami. Changes regularly - please inquire as to today's offerings, tomato sauce - cheese blend - hand crafted salumi of the day s.


Bianco Verde

Fresh mozzarella - ricotta - parmigiano - chili flakes - arugula pesto.


Porchetta Pie

Fresh? mozzarella,ricotta,parmigiano,pork belly porchetta, salsa verde.


Rapini Pie

Fresh mozzarella,red onion,organic broccolli rabe,chili, garlic.


Marinara Pie

Tomato sauce, roasted garlic, chili flake, fleur de sel, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil.


Acciughe Pie

Tomato sauce - red onion ,oil,cured olives,calabrian chilies, ricotta salata, anchovies,majoram.


Margherita Pie

Tomato sauce,fresh mozzarella, fresh basil,fleur de sel, extra virgin olive oil.


Patate Affumicato

Roasted Yukon gold potatoes, ham, red onion, smoked mozzarella.


Seasonal Special

Changes seasonally please inquire.


Sandwiches & Salads

Meatball Sub

Slow roasted beef, pork & veal meatballs - roasted tomato sauce, cheese blend - Italian roll.


Caesar Salad

Romaine hearts - shaved parmigiano - garlic croutons - housemade caesar dressing.


Arugula Salad

Changes seasonally - please inquire.







Root Beer


Diet Coke






Nantucket Nectars


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