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Good Times Pizza & Things

Good Times Pizza & Things

22049 Old 44 Dr, Palo Cedro, CA 96073

Open until 7:00 PM

Full Hours
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    Large One Topping Pizza



    Large One Topping Pizza, Cheese Bread & 2 Liter Soda




    Cheese Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Cheese Pizza

    Pizza with Two Toppings

    With two toppings.


    Pizza with One Topping

    With one topping.


    Pizza with Three Toppings

    With three toppings.



    Specialty Pizza's

    Smoking Goodtimes Pizza

    Garlic ranch sauce, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, pineapple, real bacon, sausage, drizzled with BBQ sauce.


    Smoking Goodtimes Pizza

    Gourmet Veggie Pizza

    Garlic ranch sauce, spinach, olives, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers & fresh tomatoes.


    Goodtime All Meat Combo Pizza

    Red sauce, salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, linguica & sausage.


    Chicken & Feta Combo Pizza

    Garlic ranch sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, chicken, artichokes, garlic, topped with feta cheese.


    Chicken Bacon Ranch Combo Pizza

    Garlic ranch sauce, bacon, sausage, chicken, Canadian bacon & cooked tomatoes.


    Dirty Dan

    Pesto base, Spinach, chicken, Tomato slices, pizza spice on top.


    Taco Pizza

    Salsa-refried bean base, olives, ground beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chips, salsa, lettuce & tomatoes.


    Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Hot Sauce/ Ranch mix, spinach, chicken, onions, feta cheese, ranch drizzle on top.


    Goodtimes Combo Pizza

    Red Sauce, salami, pepperoni, linguica, mushrooms, sausage, bell peppers, onions & olives.


    Twisted Pesto Pizza

    Pesto Sauce, Spinach, Tomato slices, Feta & Pizza Spice Ranch drizzle on top.


    Chicken Combo Pizza

    Garlic ranch sauce, chicken, olives, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion.



    Gluten Free Pizza

    Gluten Free Pizza with One Topping

    With one topping.


    Combo Gluten Free Pizza

    Gluten free.




    Deep Fried Onion Rings


    Cheesy Bread

    Butter, garlic, mozzarella cheese.


    Deep Fried Artichokes


    Loaded Cheesy Bread

    Jalapenos, bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic, butter.


    Deep Fried Zucchini


    Hot Wings

    12 wings.


    Deep Fried Jalapeno Poppers


    Boneless Wings


    Deep Fried Mushrooms


    Chocolate Chip Cookies


    Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks


    Ranch 2 ounce cup

    made from scratch daily.


    Chicken Strips with Fries


    Buffalo sauce

    2 oz cup


    French Fries



    2 oz cup


    Parmesan Bites

    With parmesan.


    Mango Habanero

    2 oz cup


    Fish & Chips



    Specialty Salads

    All salads are served with garlic bread.

    Chicken Feta Salad

    Romaine, cranberries, glazed pecans, feta cheese, chicken & apple.


    Chicken Caesar Salad

    Romaine, tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese, chicken breast, croutons & Caesar.


    Garden Salad

    Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion slices, mushrooms and croutons.


    Chef's Salad

    Lettuce, ham, salami, chicken, egg, tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar & peppers.




    All items served with fries, cheese, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions (upon request). Cheese choices: Pepper Jack, Cheddar, American or Swiss.

    Chicken Breast Sandwich

    Grilled Chicken Breast.






    Served with fries.

    Ranch Wrap

    Chicken, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, ranch dressing.


    Buffalo Chicken Wrap

    Crispy Chicken Strip tossed in ranch and buffalo sauce, bacon, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.


    Caesar Wrap

    Chicken, grated parmesan, romaine lettuce, tomatoes & Caesar dressing.






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