Sale Pepe

878 Front St #7,8, Lahaina, HI 96761

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Sale Pepe a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte & Basil Pizza $16.00
  • Tomato, Scamorza Affumicata, Fior Di Latte & Arugula Pizza $18.00
  • Quattro Stagioni Pizza $24.00
    Tomato, fior di latte, mushrooms, prosciutto cotto, kalamata, artichokes.
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Burrata Pizza $20.00
  • Pizza Bianca $22.00
    Fior di latte, sausage, mushrooms, roasted garlic, arugula.
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Salame Calabrese Piccante Pizza $18.00
    Fior di latte, sausage, mushrooms, roasted garlic, arugula.
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Pecorino, Red Onion Pizza $18.00
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte, And Soppressata Pizza $17.00
    zucchini, burrata, lemon, pine nuts, fresh herbs.
  • Pizza Bianca con Mortadella Leoncini $18.00
    Mortadella leoncini, fior di latte, mushrooms, rosemary.
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte, & Prosciutto $19.00
    Prosciutto Crudo black label.
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Pancetta $18.00
    Pancetta, pecorino and poached egg.
  • Tomato, Fior Di Latte & Maui $19.00
    Maui cattle co.meatballs.
Served with Foccacia; $12, a plate of three $25.
  • Mortadella Leoncini $12.00
    Spiced, ground, heat-cured sausage studded with pistachio.
  • COPPA $12.00
    Thinly sliced, dry-cured neck and shoulder.
  • Soppressata Calabrese Piccante $12.00
    Calabrian, dry-cured salami infused with peperoncino.
  • Soppressata $12.00
    Dry-cured salami.
  • Speck $12.00
    Spiced, slow-smoked and cured ham.
Small plates & appetizers.
  • Olive Di Castelveltrano $5.00
    Sicilian olives, wood-roasted and finished with rosemary.
  • Crostini Pomodorini Arrostiti E Ricotta $13.00
    House-made grilled bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic, topped with roasted local cherry tomatoes, ricotta, basil.
  • Kealoha Burrata Caprese $22.00
    Fresh burrata served atop local basil and ripe, sliced kula tomatoes, balsamic reduction, extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Arancini Classici $14.00
    Hand-rolled and fried “little oranges” of risotto, saron, Maui cattle co. Bolognese, fresh mozzarella and peas.
  • Chicken Liver Crostini $13.00
    House-made grilled bread topped with organic Sullivan co. Farms chicken liver pate, Parmigiano, and parsley
  • Kula Mixed Green Salad $9.00
    Sustainably sourced, hydroponic, organic, local.
  • Romaine And Lemon-Parmiggiano Vinaigrette $10.00
    Baby romaine, fresh lemon, dijon, extra-virgin olive oil, finished with grated parmesan cheese.
  • Crostini Di Gamberi Di Kaua’i $15.00
    House-made grilled bread topped with local shrimp.
  • Insalata Di Lenticchie $13.00
    Beluga lentils tossed with cherry tomatoes, red onion, dijon viniagrette and topped with ricotta Salata.
  • Polpette $12.00
    Maui cattle co. Beef and uncle Louie's sausage meatballs simmered in tomato sauce with a side of fettunta.
House-made fresh, organic pasta.
  • Rigatoni Con Speck, Funghi E Zafferano $22.00
    Short pasta, tossed with speck, mushrooms, and saffron.
  • Strozzapreti Con Maui Cattle Co. Guanciale Di Manzo $24.00
    Hand-twisted, elongated pasta with a rich ragu of Barolo-infused local beef cheek.
  • Strozzapreti Con Kale E Salsiccia $20.00
    Hand-twisted pasta with local oko's farm's kale and uncle Louie's sausage and a touch of tomato sauce.
  • Lasagna $26.00
    Classic pasta layered with Maui cattle co. Beef ragu, mozzarella, bechamel, and Parmigiano.
  • Spaghetti Al Pesto $17.00
    Long, thin pasta tossed with a classic pesto of local basil, pine nuts, Grana Padano and extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Risotto Con Maui Nui Farm Mais $28.00
    Traditional creamy arborio rice infused with local corn.
  • Caciotta Al Pepe Nero $12.00
    Semi-soft, mild- sheep’s milk, black pepper.
  • Pecorino Toscano D.O.P. $12.00
    Firm, pasteurized - sheep’s milk.
  • Monti Trentini Ubriaco $12.00
    Firm, red wine infused - cow’s milk.
  • Monti Trentini Lagorai $12.00
    Semi-soft, mild - cow’s milk.
  • Soda $5.00
    Maui Brew Coca Cola, Maui Brew Coca Root Beer.
  • Aranciata $3.00
  • Limonata $3.00
  • Americano Coffe $3.00
  • Espresso Coffe $3.00
  • Macchiato Coffe $4.00
  • Double Espresso $5.00
  • Cappuccino $4.00
  • Shakerato $4.00


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