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Kroll's South Loop is currently ONLY available for PICKUP orders.
Kroll's South Loop

Kroll's South Loop

1736 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

Open until 9:00 PM

Full Hours

$4.65 Delivery (40 - 60 min)

$15 min spend

    Pizzas are 12 inches and made in our wood fire oven.

    Build Your Own Pizza

    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


    Cheese Burger Pizza

    Beer cheese, burger, beer onion, sauteed mushroom, mozzarella, and pickles.


    Margherita Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, EVOO.


    Parma Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma, Arugula and shaved parmigiano.


    Diavola Pizza

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, soppressata, kalamata olives, flaked chill.


    Burrata Pizza


    Starters & Sides

    Fried Pickles

    Regular or hot Cheetos with ranch or chipotle aioli.



    Teriyaki, buffalo, extra hot, bbq, spicy bbq.


    Declan’s Big & Twisty

    Giant soft pretzel with beer cheese and mustard.



    Pulled pork or chicken with cheese sauce, corn pico, lime crema, chipotle crema, jalapeno, guacamole & lettuce.


    Hand Battered Chicken Strips

    Served with fries and dipping sauce. Choose from bbq, buffalo, ranch, honey mustard, or blue cheese.





    Our delicious French fries are deep-fried 'till golden brown, with a crunchy exterior and a light fluffy interior. Seasoned to perfection!


    Tater Tots



    Cobb Salad

    Grilled chicken, cherry tomato bacon, corn, avocado, blue cheese, red onion, smoked egg over arugula, kale, and red chard blend.


    Burrata Salad

    Roasted peaches, sweet bacon, cherry tomato, balsamic glaze, basil oil.


    Berry Salad

    Grilled chicken, strawberries, blackberries, goat cheese croquette, avocado, red onion, walnuts, spring mix with balsamic vinaigrette.


    All sandwiches served with French fries or tator tots.

    Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    Hand-battered & deep-fried chicken tossed in buffalo sauce with blue cheese, slaw, pickles.


    Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Smoked and pulled in a house with sauce, slaw, and pickles.


    Caprese Chicken Sandwich

    Grilled or fried breast, pesto, tomato, arugula, or other green, fresh mozzarella.


    Burgers are served with fries or tater tots. Substitute an impossible burger to any burger for a veggie option.

    Wisco Burger

    ½ lb burger, beer onions, beer cheese, and sweet pepper bacon on a pretzel bun.


    South Looper Burger

    ½ lb burger, fried American cheese, beer onions, pickles and special sauce on a pretzel bun.


    Original Kroll’s Burger

    ¼ lb burger cooked over live charcoal topped with butter, ketchup, pickles, and chopped onions. Original burgers are wrapped to keep the oozing melting butter hot.


    Original Big K Burger

    ½ lb version of our original. Topped with butter, ketchup, pickles, and chopped onions.



    Rib Dinner

    One slab of ribs, mac & cheese, and coleslaw.


    Broasted Chicken

    Battered and broasted chicken with fries and cole slaw.



    Chocolate Cake

    With an airy, light sponge.


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