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Zazas Pizzeria

Zazas Pizzeria

3037 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

Closed until Tue at 12:00 PM

Full Hours

Opens Tue at 12:00 PM

Build Your Own Pizza

Build Your Own Pizza

Comes with mozzarella. Your choice of sauce.


Build Your Own Pizza
Za Pizzas

Gold Medal Pizza

Tomato Crudo, basil, whole milk mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano.


Pepperoni Pizza

Ezzo pepperoni, garlic, basil.


Hot Soppressata Pizza

Fennel oil, mikes hot honey, chili flake, parmigiano.


Vodka Pizza

Vodka sauce, fennel sausage, basil, pecorino.


Mushroom Pizza

Shiitake mushrooms, rosemary, garlic truffle cream, goat cheese, sea salt.


Bacon Jam Pizza

Red onion, Calabrian chili, cotija cheese, Szechuan garlic oil, scallions.


Margherita Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic, olive oil, fresh tomato.


Bruschetta Vegan Pizza

Garlic, fresh tomato, red onion, arugula, balsamic glaze, garlic breadcrumbs.


White Pizza

Garlic, olive oil, whipped ricotta, mozzarella, basil, sesame seed crust.



Cheese Curds

Wisconsin white cheddar, house dipping sauces.


Garlic Twists

Rosemary garlic butter, house dipping sauces.



Chicago Style Salad

Romaine, Parmigiano, sport peppers, garlic breadcrumbs, tomato, cucumber, celery salt, poppyseed vinaigrette.


Funky Caesar Vegan Salad

Romaine, sour dough croutons, creamy miso, nutritional yeast, toasted sesame seeds.


Sweet Treats

Thicc Ass Chocolate Chip Cookie

Double-sized cookie, semi-sweet chocolate chips, sea salt.


Basque Cheesecake

Spanish style cheesecake, dulce de leche.


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