BUBBA'S Pizza Home of Dopey Dough

6843 Old US 27 #C, Fremont, IN 46737

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Give BUBBA'S Pizza Home of Dopey Dough a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Cheese Pizza$3.90 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
One Topping Pizza$4.40 +
Two Topping Pizza$4.80 +
Three Topping Pizza$5.10 +
All Meat Pizza$6.90 +
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, ground beef and real bacon.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$6.90 +
Ranch dressing, spicy chicken, bacon and tomato.
Steak Fajita Pizza$8.90 +
Grilled steak, onion, green pepper, Colby-jack and queso sauce.
Vegetarian Pizza$6.90 +
Fresh tomato, black olive, onion, green olive, mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower and green pepper.
Taco Pizza$6.90 +
Salsa, seasoned beef, Colby-jack, lettuce, tomato, black olive, sour cream and salsa sides.
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$6.90 +
Ground beef, bacon, onion, Colby-jack, lettuce and tomato.
Big Bubba's Deluxe Pizza$5.90 +
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, green pepper, onion, green olives, and mushrooms.
Chicken Ranchero Pizza$5.90 +
Ranch dressing, tomato, chicken and bacon.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$5.90 +
BBQ sauce, chicken, onion, and green pepper.
The Hog Roast Pizza$5.90 +
BBQ sauce, sausage, pepperoni, ham and bacon.
Bianca Pizza$4.70 +
Ricotta cheese, provolone, mozzarella and parmesan. A white pizza with no pizza sauce.
Triple Cheese Pizza$6.30 +
Our house-made dough and pizza sauce, smothered with mozzarella, provolone, and Colby-jack cheese.
Bread Sticks$3.99
Classic garlic breadsticks and cheese sauce.
Cheesy Bread Sticks$5.29
Classic breadsticks smothered with mozzarella cheese.
Garlic Cheese Bread$4.29
Our hand-crafted garlic bread covered with mozzarella cheese.
Screwball Dough$3.99 +
Our hand-crafted pizza dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.
Dopey Dough$4.67
Our hand-crafted dough, parmesan cheese, garlic salt and cheese sauce for dipping.
Chicken, onion, peppers, Colby-jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, lettuce and black olives.
Nacho Supreme$7.89
Beef nacho with lettuce, tomato, black olives, sour cream and salsa.
Piggy Fries$5.99
French fries, bacon, Colby-jack and side of sour cream.
Side Salad$2.89
Tossed Salad$4.99
Crisp, lettuce, tomato, onions, green pepper, house-made croutons and dressing on the side.
Ham Chef Salad$6.59
Turkey Chef Salad$6.59
Taco Salad$7.99
Seasoned ground beef, Colby-jack, tomato, black olives and lettuce on top of tortilla chips. Salsa and sour cream on the side.
Traditional Caesar Salad$6.29
Fresh cut romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing on the side.
Crispy Chicken Salad$6.39
Fresh cut romaine, breaded chicken, almond slices, tomato, mandarin orange and egg.
Bacon Spinach Salad$6.39
Baby spinach, real bacon, red onion, mushroom, and egg.
Strawberry Pecan Salad$6.29
Baby spinach, fresh strawberries, onion, tomato, egg and pecan.
French Fries$1.59 +
Onion Rings$1.99
Potato Chips$0.99
Celery Sticks$2.09
With bleu cheese.
Buffalo Wings$5.99 +
Bubba's famous house-made hot sauces, bone-in chicken wings, celery and bleu cheese dressing.
BLT Sandwich$6.39
Classic BLT, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
Smoked Turkey & Bacon Sandwich$6.79
Shaved turkey, bacon and Colby-jack, choice of: white, whole wheat or rye toast.
Club Sandwich$7.99
Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo choice.
Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich$7.99
Reuben Sandwich$8.99
Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, 1000 island on rye.
Ham & Swiss Sandwich$6.59
Shaved ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
Steak Fajita Sub$9.99
Grilled steak, red onion, green pepper, tomato, lettuce, Colby-jack cheese and Queso.
Chicken Ranchero Sub$8.69
Grilled chicken, tomato, real bacon, Colby-jack lettuce and ranch dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Sub$8.69
Spicy chicken, onion, banana pepper, mozzarella cheese and ranch or bleu cheese dressing.
Vegetarian Sub$9.99
Broccoli, cauliflower, onion, tomato, green pepper, black olive, green olive, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and Italian dressing.
Meatball Sub$9.99
Hand-crafted meatballs, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese.
Ham Sub$7.39
Shaved ham, onion, green pepper, Italian dressing, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella.
Turkey Sub$7.39
Shaved turkey, onion, green pepper, Italian dressing, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella.
Club Sub$7.99
Ham, turkey and real bacon, onion, green pepper, Italian dressing, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella cheese.
Italian Combo Sub$7.99
Salami, bologna and ham, onion, green pepper, Italian dressing, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella cheese.
Sausage Roll$8.99
Italian sausage, onion, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$6.39
Spicy chicken, onion, banana pepper, lettuce, mozzarella and ranch dressing.
Chicken Caesar Wrap$6.59
Caesar dressing, chicken, tomato, crouton, romaine, mozzarella and parmesan.
B.L.T Wrap$6.39
Ranch dressing, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, mozzarella cheese and tomato.
Steak Fajita Wrap$9.59
Grilled flank steak, onions, green peppers, loaded with Colby-jack and Queso.
Butterfly Shromp$8.99
Battered shrimp, side salad, french fries and cocktail sauce.
Our house-made meat sauce over spaghetti noodles, side salad and garlic toast.
Baked Spaghetti$7.99
Smothered with mozzarella cheese and oven-baked, side salad, and garlic toast.
Baby Back Ribs$16.99
Slow-cooked, falling off the bone rib, french fries and side salad.
Kid's Grilled Cheese & Fries$4.59
Kid's Chicken Strips & Fries$4.99
Kid's Mac & Cheese$3.79
With garlic toast.
Kid's Spaghetti$3.99
With garlic toast.
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla$3.59
Kid's Pony Pizza$4.29
One topping.
Kid's Pasta Pony Pizza$4.99
Mac and cheese or spaghetti.
Italian Gelato & Sorbet$3.59
Salted caramel, blood orange, red raspberry.
Chocolate Chip Cannoli$3.59
Pepsi, diet pepsi, mountain dew, root beer, lemonade, sierra mist, orange crush, dr. pepper.
Ice Tea$2.39
Raspberry Lemonade$2.59
Raspberry Ice Tea$2.59


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