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Deez Pizzeria

Deez Pizzeria

2119 Ryno Rd, Luzerne, MI 48636

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Deez Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Dezz Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Grilled chicken, onions, mild peppers and mozzarella cheese. Served on ranch dressing and drizzled with buffalo sauce.


Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Grilled chicken, bacon, and mozzarella cheese. Served on ranch dressing and drizzled with buffalo sauce.


Diezel Deluxe Pizza

Pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, onions, green peppers, bacon ground beef, black olives.


Danz Meat Eater Pizza

Pepperoni, ham, ground beef, bacon, Italian sausage.


Dezze Deluze Pizza

Pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon, onions, mozzarella cheese.


BLT Pizza

Bacon, lettuce, mayo, tomato, mozzarella cheese.


Hawaiian Pizza

Ham, bacon, pineapple, mozzarella cheese.


Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, topped with parmesan.


Margherita Pizza

Thin crust, diced tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese.


Homemade ranch, jomemade italian, raspberry vinaigrette, catalina, oil & vinegar.

Antipasto Salad

Fresh iceberg. Romaine lettuce, ham, pepperoni, cheese, black olives, mild peppers, onions, tomatoes.


Grilled Chicken Salad

Fresh iceberg. Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes.


House Salad

Fresh iceberg. Romaine lettuce, onions, black olives, tomatoes, green peppers.






3 Toppings Calzone


Ham & Cheese Calzone

Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato side of mayo.




BLT Calzone

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo.


Chicken Wings
Plain, hot, mild, sweet chilli bbq, honey bbq, garlic parmesan, teriyaki, comes withe side of ranch

Chicken Wings


Bread Sticks

Cheese Bread

Mozzarella & parmesan cheese, garlic butter with pizza suce.


Bread Sticks

Garlic butter & parmesan cheese with pizza sauce.


Caramel Cinna Stix

Breadstick with cinnamon and caramel drizzled.


All subs come toasted.

Chicken Club Sub

Grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, side of mayo.


Steak & Cheese Sub

Steak, cheese, lettuce, tomato side of Italian.


Pizza Sub

Pepperoni, ham, onion, italian sausage, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.


Chicken Parmesan Sub

Grilled chicken, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese.


Meatball Sub

Meatball. Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese.


All dinners served with soup or salad & garlic bread.

Penne with Meat Sauce


Linguine Dinner

Served with meat sauce.


Linguine with Meat Sauce


Chicken Alfredo Dinner


Chicken Alfredo


Chicken Parmesan Dinner

Chicken breast covered in cheese side of pasta with meat sauce.


Cajun Chicken Alfredo


Linguine Alio e Olie Dinner

Butter, garlic sauce.


Chicken Parmesan

Chicken breast covered in cheese. Side of pasta with meat sauce.


Linguine Alio e Olie

Butter and garlic sauce.


Cheese Ravioli

8 big ravioli with meat sauce.


Penne Palamino

Meat sauce and Alfredo sauce mix.


Linguine Carbonara

Sauteed onions, and bacon in Alfredo sauce.


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