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Ray's Wine Spirits Grill

Ray's Wine Spirits Grill

8268 N Main St, Dayton, OH 45415

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Ray's Wine Spirits Grill a call to order. We hear their food's delish.


A Taste Of Italy Pizza

Garlic oil, fresh Roma tomato, fresh organic herbs & greens, provolone cheese.


The BLT Pizza

Garlic oil, applewood smoked bacon, diced tomato, shredded greens.


Salmon Pizza

Garlic oil, salmon pieces, sundried tomato, capers, cheese blend.


Tony's Cuban Pizza

Spicy mustard, shredded pork, meatloaf, ham, spicy pickles, cheese blend.


Dig the Fig Pizza

Fig jam sauce, prosciutto, goat cheese crumbles, shredded baby spinach.


Create Your Own Pizza

With 4 toppings.



Teriyaki Shrimp

Sauteed shrimp, our housemade teriyaki glaze & fresh greens.


Salmon Quesadilla

Salmon pieces on gluten free spinach, lavash with wasabi mayo, cheese blend on a bed of housemade coleslaw and salsa.


Smoked Trout

Smoked trout on baguette slices with greens, carrot, dried berries, creamy garlic.


Cheese & Friut Plate

Fresh apple slices, mild cheddar cheese, dried cranberries or blueberries, crackers.


Folded Shrimp Quesadilla

Grilled shrimp, 3 cheese blend, diced onion & tomato in a folded soft tortilla, served with mixed greens, salsa sour cream and a wedge of lime.


Maryland Blue Crab Dip

Housemade blue crab dip topped with shredded cheddar and served with toasted baguette slices.


Hummus, Veggies & Chips

Housemade hummus served with fresh veggies and crunchy tortilla chips.


Meat & Cheese Plate

Slices of smoked Turkey, ham & prosciutto, cheddar cheese, olives & crackers.


Spinach Artichoke Dip

Housemade dip with cream, cheese, shredded spinach, artichoke hearts served with tortilla chips.


Chips & Salsa

Housemade salsa served with tortilla chips.



White Bean Chicken Chili Soup

Free range chicken, brath, organic white beans, spices.


Vegetable Soup

Lots of fresh organic veggies in a tomato & brath base.


Soup of the Day

Please call the restaurant for today selection.



Specialty Salad

Spring mix, diced apple, feta crumbles, dried berries.


Garden Salad

Spring mix, carrot, cucumber, tomato, red onion, cheddar, housemade croutons.


Ray's Slider Salad

Spring mix, red onion, carrot, cheese blend and topped with 1 or 2 100% Angus beef mini cheeseburger.


Simple Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, red onion, applewood smoked bacon and diced egg.



Portabella Sandwich

Grilled portabella mushroom cap stuffed with grilled veggies, hummus, greens, tomato & onion on brioche.


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Shredded pork in our housemade BBq sauce, topped with coleslaw, greens & Roma tomato & red onion.


Ray' Slider Sandwich

Three 100 % Angus mini burgers served on a slider buns topped with greens, sliced Roma tomato & red onion.


Sarge Burger

Angus beef patty stuffed with cheddar, bacon crumbles and red onion.


French Dip Sandwich

Sliced, prime roast beef, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese on a French baguette served with au jus.


Tony's Cuban Sandwich

Slow roasted pork, ham, Cuban meatloaf, spicy pickles, spicy mustard, provolone & Swiss on ciabatta.


Twisted Rueben Sandwich

Grilled pastrami, housemade coleslaw, swiss cheese, thousend islnad dressing on Jewish rye.


Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Turkey breast, shredded greens and cranberry goat cheese on sourdough.


The Barnyard Sandwich

Ham, Turkey, pastrami, Swiss & provolone with tossed greens in creamy garlic dressing on sourdough.


Asian Salmon Club Sandwich

Marinated salmon topped with applewood smoked bacon, sundried tomato, wasabi mayo and greens on sourdough.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Your choice of cheeses on toasted sourdough.


Meatball Sliders Sandwich

100 % meatballs in our housemade marinara with provolone, sundried tomatoes, diced red onion & greens.



Crowned Portabella

Whole mushroom cap stuffed with veggies & cheese, resting on a bed of greens and roasted veggies, topped with blackened salmon filet.


Open Faced Tuscan

Julienned chicken, flat iron ribbons, sliced portabella mushrooms, minced veggies and sundried tomatoes braised in a red wine reduction and served on grilled cheesy ciabatta bread and greens.


Seafood Trio

Cod, sea scallops, shrimp and sundried tomatoes braised in a cream or white wine reduction served on your choice of fettuccine noodles or cheesy ciabatta bread.


Ray's Rib Eye Steak

Certified black Angus rib eye cut cooked to order and served with your choice of two sides.


Filet Mignon

Certified black Angus filet cut cooked to order and served with your choice of two sides.


Pasta Bolognese

Our housemade black Angus meat sauce served over pasta and topped with a cheese blend. Served with a slice of cheesy ciabatta.


Bolognese Tony' s Style

Our Bolognese sauce plus crumbled chorizo sauce & diced pepperoni


Fish Tacos

Wild caught fish seared in a wine reduction topped with diced red onion and Roma tomato, served with salsa in soft flour tortillas with a wedge of lime.


Wild Caught Fish of the Day

The catch of the day cooked in your way and served with two sides.


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