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Pizza for the people

Easily order from authentic local pizzerias.

We love to connect passionate pizza eaters with local pizza makers who care about craft, history, and culture. That’s why we make it super easy for people to order authentic pizza and support their local pizza shop.

Pizza In Your Pocket

The Slice App - Pizza In Your Pocket

Like a good friend, pizza should be there when you need it. With the Slice App, pizza is always possible and ordering is easy and fun.

  • Effortlessly order from your go-to pizzeria, or try a new one
  • Create a custom pie and get exactly what you want
  • Re-order your favorites in just a few taps
  • Checkout instantly with Apple Pay


Pizza is more than just food — it’s a slice of life. From birthday parties to first dates to soccer game victory dinners, everything is better when you add pizza. Sharing slices turns moments into memories and makes any day a little more delicious.

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Restaurants succeed on slice

A chef busy making pizza

Restaurants succeed on slice

It’s true! Pizza restaurants love Slice because we help them grow their business, increase their order size, and reach new customers who want to order online. Plus, Slice offers an incredible value because we cost way less than other ordering services.

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