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The best pizza in Slidell: a local guide

The City of Slidell in St. Tammany Parish is the gateway to Louisiana from Interstates 10 and 59 from northern and southwestern Mississippi. Slidell is a family-oriented city. It's very welcoming, and the people are the epitome of southern hospitality. The city is a safe place to raise a child and a pleasant area to retire.

There is always something to do in Slidell. It could be going to the skating rink, the mall, or the trampoline park. There is also a lake that offers boating, fishing, and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. If you need that big city vibe, drive the 30 minutes to New Orleans and let loose!

The historic Old Town is another part of Slidell that brings the community together. Olde Town is where the flea market is held and where you can get some of the best pizzas in town.

Slidell is Known for Chicago Deep-dish Pizza

Chicago-style pizza is the most preferred pizza style in Slidell. If you take a close look at the menu in various pizzerias, you will find a deep-dish option. If it's not there, there is a stuffed pizza option. Most times, you will find both!

The pizza originating from Chicago, Illinois, is prepared using thick, blocky dough brushed with garlic. The pizza is baked in a deep pan liberally smeared with olive oil. The oil infuses the crust, giving a buttery taste to the dough. The oil also aids in the removal of the pizza by preventing the dough from sticking onto the dish. Pizzerias have mastered the preparation process, and you'll hardly get served a greasy pizza.

The thick dough turns out fluffy, with a charred base and a perfectly crisp edge. Traditional toppings on Chicago-style pizza are real mozzarella and chunky tomato sauce. However, pizzerias offer a selection of additional toppings to complement the crust.

Best Delivery Pizza in Slidell

Camellia City Pizza is a locally owned pizzeria that serves mouth-watering pizzas. If you are looking for delivery pizza, one from Camellia will be satisfying. This fantastic pizzeria serves tasty pizzas prepared from scratch in-house, daily, in an old-school, Italian-themed atmosphere.

The staff is always hands-on, ensuring you get an excellent serving experience and the restaurant is clean. Their pizza menu offers the choice to build your own pizza and specialty pizzas. You can even transform your favorite pizza into a calzone if you please.

Camellia City’s pizza is prepared with a light crust and a mild sauce. The cheese is high quality, while the toppings are fresh-cut and crisp. Their Godfather Pizza is a classic. The pizza is topped with all your favorite meat toppings, fresh mozzarella, and tasty in-house sauce. Additionally, they have a broad selection of items on their kid's menu, perfect for children under 12.

Best Takeout Pizza in Slidell

Pizza Platoon makes a perfect restaurant to get your takeout pizza. This little gem is situated at Fremaux Town Centre, so it’s an easy stop after a day of shopping. The restaurant has a strong military theme in their menu and decor. They are charitable, too. They send some of their proceeds to military-related philanthropies.

Pizza Platoon offers subway-style pizzas. You can order pre-designed pizzas from their menu, or you can build your own with components that suit you best. You get a choice of crust, sauce, vegetables, and cheeses. Their budget-friendly prices allow everyone to get precisely what they desire. On a ketogenic diet? They have gluten-free crust and cauliflower crust pizzas.

Aside from their large selection of pizza, Pizza Platoon’s menu is stacked with appetizers, salads, and an appealing kid’s menu. The Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert is a must.

Best Pizza Near Slidell

New Orleans

New Orleans offers a lot of diversity because of people's history of settling in the city. There is a blend of Spanish, French, and African cultures. It's also true that it has the best food in the state.

If you leave the city without trying pizza from Fresco Café, you’ll be missing out. Hop by and try their signature Fresco Specialty Pizza. The pizza is prepared with a traditional crust, topped with house-made tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a combination of fresh, flavorful meat and veggies.


Living in Metairie may give a small city feel while living near the big city of New Orleans. Locals and visitors experience a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere throughout the four seasons. There are a variety of cultures, so the dining scene is diverse.

If you are ever in the city, stop by That's Amore Pizzeria. The pizzeria speaks to value and variety when it comes to pizza. There is something for both thin-crust and thick-crust pizza-lovers. The pizzeria offers a selection of authentic New York-style and specialty Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Their pizzas are well done and prepared with a precise topping to crust ratio.


Harahan provides a small-town experience right next to a metropolitan area. The city hosts many chain restaurants, so be prepared to have great food.

Be sure to try pizza from Happy Italian Pizzeria. Located along Jefferson Highway, the pizzeria serves exceptional house pizzas and a large selection of take and bake pizzas. You will get a memorable taste of excellent Detroit deep-dish pizza, and if you are feeling adventurous, you can try their Lasagna Pie Pizza.

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