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The best pizza in Mandeville: a local guide

It's surprising that Mandeville is known for thick crust pizza as the most popular pizza in the United States when the town's pizzerias were opening was New York-style. But Mandeville is known for thick crust and that is not a bad thing. It proves that the chefs in the pizzerias in Mandeville prefer to bake pizzas that are true to their Italian heritage rather than make fusion or follow the trends for more Americanized pies. Thick crust, or old-world pizza as it's sometimes called, is basically a simple round pizza with a layer of tomato sauce topped off with cheese. It's not fancy unless it's been tarted up with gourmet toppings like truffle oil or caviar, but it's delicious and in all honesty, when baked well doesn't need anything added to make it good.

Best delivery pizza in Mandeville, Louisiana

To get the best delivery pizza in Mandeville you really have to order from a pizzeria that puts a lot of love into preparing their pies. In Mandeville, the That's Amore Pizzeria does just that and it's noticeable as soon as you open the delivery box. No, all the pizzas aren't heart-shaped and they wouldn't look better if they were. That's Amore has an independent premises on West Causeway Approach which is totally geared for pizza-making action. It's a smart place, if not somewhat basically furnished, where the pizza prepping and dispatching takes priority. Whether you choose a regular dough base or go for a cauliflower crust one, you'll get a pizza that's been made with care and precision from That's Amore.

Best takeout pizza in Mandeville, Louisiana

If you've been rambling through the Northlake Nature Center or have just left the Mandeville Sports Complex and are famished, don't worry, there's a quick solution. All you have to do is head down the LA-59 until you come to Bosco's Pizza. Bosco's Pizza is the pizzeria where you can pick up the best take-out pizza in Mandeville. Bosco's premises are in the Vieux Carre Plaza so when you see the sign for there, that's where you need to pull in. Inside Bosco's you'll feel welcomed by the typical Italian trattoria atmosphere created by the red and white checked table cloths and bare brick walls. The pizzas here are Italian-style too so it won't be long before you have a slice of old-world Margarita oozing sauce and cheese in your hand.

Best pizza near Mandeville, Louisiana

New Orleans

Who could resist getting in their car and making the forty-minute trip across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to New Orleans? The answer to that is only those who don't want to enjoy themselves. When you're there it's difficult not to spend the day lazing around while waiting for it to get dark and the nightlife to start on Bourbon Street, but New Orleans has more to offer than that. You could snap photos of the St Louis Cathedral and easily convince your friends you'd been to Disneyland for the day, but not if you tell them you'd also visited the National WW2 Museum or the New Orleans Museum of Art. If you want a pizza lunch, Blaze Pizza on O'Keefe Avenue makes a great pie.

Pearl River

If you're into outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing then you should have Pearl River on your list of towns to visit. The spot to head for is the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area which is a swampy wetland where you can paddle or fish to your heart’s content while the semi-submerged wildlife keeps its beady eye on you. If you're not into having close encounters of the alligator kind then stick with visiting the Pearl River and Honey Island Museum, taking a stroll through the not quite so savage Camp Salmen Nature Park, and having a pizza at Marco's Pizza on Gause Boulevard East.


Hammond might not immediately draw your attention, but it's a great place to take the kids for a day out as there's lots for them to do there. Get their brains working overtime at the Louisiana Children's Discovery Center where they can learn while playing. Get them to let off steam at the Safari Quest Family Fun Center before taking them to see the beasties on one of Kliebert and Son's Gator Tours. If they survive all of that there's no getting away with not taking them for a pizza dinner at Commodore's Pizza on Demarco Boulevard.

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