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The best pizza in Kent: a local guide

The New York-style pizza is very popular in Kent, OH. This type of pizza uses a very thin crust, a lot of cheese, and a larger slice. In fact, the slices are so thin and large, they often are the size of your plate!

The style originated in New York City, where it gets its name. The style is incredibly thin, allowing you to easily fold it in half. From there, you can enjoy the pie on the go- it’s a wonderful street food! The New York slice first appeared after WWII and didn’t take long to spread to other states. The dish made its way to Ohio over the years, making it even more popular.

Today, you can find the New York slice all over Kent, OH. If you haven’t tried it before, you’ll want to make sure that you do in the near future. It’s delicious and always great comfort food. Plus, if you need a fast lunch between classes or work, the New York slice is always a delicious choice.

Best Delivery Pizza in Kent

Anyone looking for the best delivery in the area should order from Guy’s Pizza. They have plenty of unique toppings, with some of their most popular items being grilled chicken, bacon, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, and red onion. You can create any type of flavor you want with all their options.

Additionally, you always receive your order very quickly. The staff there are very prompt with preparing meals, allowing them to bring it to your location as quickly as possible. If you’re hungry now, it’s worth knowing that they’re one of the fastest places around.

Overall, it’s worth checking out what Guy’s Pizza has to offer. We’re confident that you’ll find something truly delicious when you order from them! Plenty of people enjoy their crust, cheese, and sauce, saying that it makes for great flavor. They deliver to a wide area, so make sure to use the link below to place your order now.

Best Takeout Pizza in Kent

However, if you’re craving a classic New York slice, then the best option for you would have to be Lucci’s Place. The restaurant specializes in making the classic, thin crust pie. You’re sure to love everything they have to offer. Many customers say that their crust is the best!

The store is also open pretty late into the night, making them excellent for a late takeout dinner. All of their pies are prepared completely from scratch too. The dough is hand-stretched and the sauce is always homemade. Also, they offer so many toppings, many of which are unique.

Some of these toppings include mozzarella, roasted garlic, spinach, and the store’s homemade meatballs. No matter what you’re craving, you’ll be able to find it at this location! Finally, the staff are always very prompt with preparing orders. You should receive a notification that your meal is ready in no time at all.

Best Pizza Near Kent


Anyone in the Akron area should make sure to order from Guiseppe’s Pizza. They’re open daily and have some of the best pies in town. You’re sure to find plenty of menu items to love there. Plus, everything is made fresh and tastes delicious.


If you’re looking for the best pizza in the city, then you should make sure to order from Pizza 216. They have plenty of Italian food, a bar, and a wonderful atmosphere. There’s also a lot of vegetarian and gluten-free foods for you to choose from. Overall, you’re sure to enjoy the pizza from this location.

Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re taking a trip to PA, make sure that you stop by the Proper Brick Oven and Tap Room. The best pizzas in Pittsburgh are there! They always use fresh ingredients and bake all of your food in their special pizza oven. Many guests enjoy seeing their food cooked in the fire.

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