JT's Oven

1380 East Ave #120, Chico, CA 95926

Currently ClosedFull HoursNo MinimumPickup (15 - 30 min)Are you the owner?

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give JT's Oven a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Extra Cheese Pizza$13.99 +
Cheese Pizza with One Topping$13.99 +
Cheese Pizza with Two Toppings$15.99 +
Buy one get one free.
The Carnivore Pizza$19.99 +
Salami, sausage, bacon, ham, ground beef, linguica.
The Combo Pizza$19.99 +
Pepperoni, ham, mushroom, onion, olive, bacon, sausage, green pepper.
The Garden Delight Pizza$18.99 +
Mushroom, onion, olive, tomato, artichoke, garlic, green pepper.
The Islander Pizza$18.99 +
Ham, pine, onion, bacon on islander sauce.
The Oven Stuffer Pizza$20.99 +
Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, linguica, onion, mushroom on garlic white sauce.
The Rooster Pizza$19.99 +
Chicken, onion, garlic, tomato, bacon, olive, mushroom on garlic white sauce.
The Spicy Chico Pizza$19.99 +
Pan-style crust, chicken, olive, onion, tomato garlic white sauce, topped with spicy buffalo sauce.
The Sweet Diablo Pizza$18.99 +
Pepperoni, pineapple, onion, garlic jalapeno or olive with buffalo bbq sauce.
The Tandoori Pizza$19.99 +
Tandoori chicken masala, garlic, red onion, tomato on the tandori sauce, topped with cilantro.
The Tropical Stuffer Pizza$20.99 +
Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, linguica onion, green pepper, garlic, olive, pineapple with islander sauce.
Ranch or Italian dressing, spinach, lettuce or mixed tomato, mushroom, olive, onion, green bell peppers, mozzarella.
Salad$4.99 +
7 Up$3.75
Dr Pepper$3.75
Diet Cola$3.75
All subs served hot with cheese.
The Meathead Sub$6.99 +
Meatball, olive, onion, minced garlic, and cheese.
The Italian Sub$6.99 +
Roast beef, salami, onion, olive, cheese, and cold tomato.
The Beast Sub$6.99 +
Pepperoni, roast beef, onion, sausage, salami, and cheese.
The Heart Attack Sub$6.99 +
Pepperoni, ham, roast beef, sausage, and cheese.
The Architect Sub$6.99 +
Pick any two types of meat and two veggies with cheese.
Garlic Bread$4.49
Garlic Bread Sauce & Cheese$5.99
Spicy Buffalo$6.99
Extra Spicy Buffalo$6.99
Honey BBQ$6.99
Garlic Lemon Pepper$6.99
With parmesan cheese.
Ranch Cup$0.50 +
Side of Any Vegetable$1.75