Forge Napa

155 Gasser Dr B, Napa, CA 94559

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Forge Napa a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Margherita Pizza$15.00
    Tomato, basil, mozzarella, basil.
  • Pepperoni Pizza$17.00
    Zoe's pepperoni, jalapeno, green olive, red onion.
  • Mushroom Pizza$18.00
    Hand-torn sausage, onion, garlic, thyme.
  • Fat Boy Pizza$18.00
    Sausage, bacon, pickled pepper, red onion, cream.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza$18.00
    BBQ sauce, chicken, jalapeño, red onion, smoked bacon.
  • Pulled Pork Pizza$18.00
    BBQ sauce, red onion, mozzarella, cheddar.
  • Three Cheese Pizza$17.00
    Ricotta, parmesan, garlic puree, red onion, arugula with lemon vinaigrette.
  • Prosciutto Pizza$17.00
    Spinach, cream, mozzarella, red onions, lemon vinaigrette.
  • Mediterranean Pizza$18.00
    Garlic puree, red onion, artichoke heart, sun-dried tomato, green olive, gruyere.
  • Roasted Corn Pizza$18.00
    Chorizo, garlic puree, red onion, ricotta, chives.
  • Cauliflower Pizza$18.00
    Pistachio pesto, gruyere, leeks, arugula with lemon vinaigrette.
  • Crispy Cheese Curds$9.00
    Long-simmered tomato sauce.
  • Truffle Fries$9.00
    White truffle oil, shaved parmesan, parsley, thyme.
  • Jalapeno Poppers$9.00
    Cream cheese, chorizo, bacon, sweet peppers, white cheddar, ranch.
  • Shishito Peppers$7.00
    Coriander lime, vinaigrette, sea salt.
  • Brussels Sprouts$8.00
    Golden fried with lemon vinaigrette, sea salt, parmesan.
  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers$10.00
    Pork sausage, chorizo, mozzarella, garlic oil.
  • Smoked Buffalo Hot Wings$12.00
    Buttermilk bleu cheese dressing.
  • Southside Ribs$10.00
    Deep fried on the bone, dry rub, jalapeno slaw, side bbq.
  • Angry Shrimp$13.00
    Butter, lemon vin, chili flakes, sea salt.
  • Calamari$14.00
    Lightly fried, mama mia peppers, Calabrian aioli.
  • Nacho's Nachos$14.00
    Chorizo, black beans, three cheese sauce, pico de gallo, sour cream, housemade tortilla chips.
  • Pan O' Corn$8.00
    Oven roasted, seasoned chili butter, parmesan.
  • Soup of the Day$4.00 +
    Please call the restaurant for today's selection.
  • Strawberry Apple Salad$14.00
    Baby mixed greens, apple, strawberry, feta cheese, candied walnut, balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Beet Salad$13.00
    Arugula, frisee, goat cheese, candied walnuts, pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Spinach Cranberry Walnut$13.00
    Spinach, radicchio, dried cranberry, candied walnut, citrus vinaigrette, parmesan, sea salt.
  • Prosciutto Salad$14.00
    Arugula, frisee, cantaloupe, goat cheese, lemon vinaigrette.
  • The Farm Salad$16.00
    Grilled chicken, baby greens, cherry tomato, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and dressing.
  • Caesar Salad$10.00 +
    Romaine, breadcrumbs, shaved parmesan.
  • Forge Burger$16.00
    1/2 lb corn-fed beef, fixings, tomato aioli, cheddar or bleu cheese.
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich$15.00
    Lettuce, tomato, sweet pickles, Calabrian aioli.
  • Mussels$17.00
    Herbed broth, french fries, aioli.
  • Fish & Chips$18.00
    Cod, fries, house made tartar sauce, jalapeno slaw.
  • Flot Iron Steak$23.00
    10 oz cut, pesto butter, fries, dressed greens.


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