Boca Pizzeria

454 Ignacio Blvd, Novato, CA 94949

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
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Margherita Pizza$17.00
Fresh mozzarella cheese, sweet basil, San Marzano tomato sauce, and extra virgin olive oil. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Fennel Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza$19.00
San Marzano tomato sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella cheese. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Prosciutto di Parma Pizza$20.00
Arugula, San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Roasted Mushrooms Pizza$19.00
Fontina cheese, thyme and Taleggio cheese. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Mediterranean Pizza$18.00
Basil pesto, artichoke hearts, grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, Roma tomatoes, cured black olives, goat cheese and fresh mozzarella cheese. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$18.00
Red onions, plum tomatoes, red bell pepper, chili flakes, smoked mozzarella cheese, and fresh cilantro. Authentic neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Pear & Prosciutto Pizza$20.00
Extra virgin olive oil, d'anjou pears, prosciutto di Parma, arugula, rocket leaves, fresh mozzarella cheese, goat cheese and balsamic reduction. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Calabrese Pizza$20.00
Spicy salami, San Marzano tomato sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese, and Parmigiano cheese. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Brussels & Pancetta Pizza$19.00
Creamy garlic spread, roasted Brussels sprout leaves, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, chili oil and lemon zest. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Roasted Butternut Squash Pizza$18.00
Caramelized onions, Gorgonzola dolcelatte, fresh thyme, walnuts, and balsamic reduction. Authentic Neapolitan style in a wood fired oven.
Garlic Flatbread$8.50
Parmesan cheese and marinara sauce.
Anson Mills Soft Organic Polenta$13.00
Roasted mushrooms, thyme, balsamic reduction
Roasted Artichoke$15.00
Tarragon dip and grilled lemon.
Basil, roasted bell pepper and olive tapenade, arugula, crostini.
Manila Clams$16.00
Saffron-fennel tomato stock and grilled bread.
Nonna’s Meatballs$15.00
San Marzano marinara sauce, pine nuts, pecorino cheese, and grilled bread.
Charred Octopus$16.00
Fried herbed polenta, arugula and lemon, garlic and parsley vinaigrette.
Bruschetta 3 Ways$12.00
Served with 1 of each: pesto, roasted red pepper, goat cheese and fleur de sel. Parma prosciutto with whipped sheep's feta, arugula and balsamic reduction. Grilled eggplant with hummus, tomato-caper relish, fresh mint and extra virgin olive oil.
Truffled Mac & Cheese$8.00
Parmesan, pecorino cheese.
Grilled Broccolini$8.00
Lemon, fried capers and pecorino.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts$8.00
Pancetta and pecorino.
Roasted Butternut Squash$8.00
Sage butter and brown sugar.
Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup$5.50 +
Carrots, onions, celery, fresh thyme, rosemary croutons, Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.
Gathered Greens Salad$11.00
Heirloom cherry tomatoes, ricotta salata, and lemon vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad$14.00
Garlic crostini, creamy Caesar dressing, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and white anchovies.
Organic Roasted Beets Salad$15.00
Organic baby mixed greens, roasted hazelnuts, and sheep's feta cheese with a creamy citrus dressing.
Rustico Salad$13.00
Organic baby mixed greens, grilled rosemary bread, Gaeta olives, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber and preserved lemon-mint dressing.
Chopped Salad$17.00
Romaine, smoked mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, salami, Gaeta olives, ceci beans, tomatoes and sherry vinaigrette.
Roasted Leg of Lamb Salad$17.00
Arugula, radicchio, fruit chutney, caramelized onions, roasted Yukon potatoes and pomegranate reduction.
Boca Salad$16.00
Field greens, pears, apples, grilled chicken, red onion, golden raisins, toasted walnuts, goat cheese crostini and apple cider vinaigrette.
Roasted wild mushrooms, thyme, garlic, cream, and pecorino Romano.
Portobello & Porcini Mushroom Ravioli$20.00
Lemon-black truffle cream, parmigiano.
Fettuccini Alfredo$18.00
Chicken, peas, shallots, garlic, and Parmigiano.
Braised Beef Short Ribs Pappardelle$23.00
Spicy tomato sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, and extra virgin olive oil.
Chicken, lite cream sauce, broccolini, sun-dried tomato and Parmigiano.
Linguine Scampi$23.00
Black tiger prawns, heirloom cherry tomatoes, garlic, lemon, butter, and white wine sauce.
Chicken Piccata$22.00
Chicken breast, lemon-caper butter sauce, Yukon mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Flat Iron Steak$27.00
Rosemary-cabernet sauce, roasted yukon potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.
Marinated Organic Half Semi Boneless Chicken$26.00
Balsamic reduction, basil oil, yukon mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Grilled Verlasso Salmon$27.00
Organic lacinato kale, crispy pancetta, cannellini bean succotash, blood orange and tarragon butter.
Warm Apple Tart Financier$8.00
Roasted apples, vanilla bean gelato, salted caramel sauce.
White Chocolate and Pistachio Cassata$8.00
Vanilla cake, white chocolate mousse, pistachio crème anglaise.
Artisan Gelato$7.00
Chocolate Decadence Mousse Torte$8.00
Flourless chocolate, raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries.
Tiramisu in a Jar$8.00
Lady fingers, espresso-coffee liquor, mascarpone cream, toasted hazelnuts.